An About Me video! How innovative.

Hello, I have decided to make a new and improved About Me page since I have grown a lot since I first started this blog. I have run this blog for over 2 years now and though there have been plenty of struggles, I have had fun so far!

This blog is still mainly about K-pop – the music, the industry, and the idols and any related activity and events that take place in the Kpoposphere. Posts mainly are whatever catches my interest so because of that, the posts seem a bit infrequent especially lately as I shift the blog in a slightly different direction. I explain in more detail in my comeback post I published back in January.

But in short, I hope to continue writing posts about:

And that’s about it! I am also busy working on my J-culture blog so if you’re more into Japan-centric media and entertainment than I would check out that blog. It’s still trying to stand on its own, but it’s slowly getting there! Thank you for visiting this page and to old and new readers alike – welcome to my humble blog!