Heya, this page I guess has been a long time coming? I didn’t necessarily think about creating a bias list but because nobody asked, I guess I will just go ahead and tell you loyal readers who is biased by this idiot. Seriously, does anyone care though?

The list is in alphabetical order and contains groups who I also just casually listen to, but not necessarily bias (cheating, I know, but they deserve a shout-out, too).

Girl Groups/Soloists/Duos


Ace of Angels. Nothing much to say about them besides I like their newer stuff, but I also like oldies like “Mini Skirt,” “Like a Cat,” and “Heart Attack.” I also got to see them live at Mcountdown, so that’s a plus. However, no direct bias here, so let’s move on.

Recommended songs: See above


Apink is in the same category as AOA. I do enjoy their new songs given the more mature feel from them, but older songs like, “Mr. Chu” and “Nonono” were a couple of the first girl group songs I listened to, so they get a spot here on the bias list.

Recommended songs: See above but “%%” and “I’m so sick” are great too!


I may get hate for using this pic, haha

I don’t mind Blackpink at all. Am I tired of hearing the same 6 4 3 songs whenever I do YouTube dance compilations? Yes, yes I am, but they are coming back, so yay! I don’t have a direct bias in this group either, but some days I lean Jisoo and other days I lean Rosé, so I guess those two? Plus, my Twitter timeline be filled with Rosé SOLO tweets from time to time and I don’t disagree. Plus, I love her Aussie accent a lot – I’m weak to accents.

Le Beret Rosé and the Bubbly Jisoo

Recommended songs: “Boombayah” (this seems to have been forgotten about) and “Playing with fire”


I know that Jiyoon is no longer in the duo and it’s just Jiyoung now, but I liked her and will miss her because I kinda identified with her more than Jiyoung – at least personality-wise. Jiyoung is lovely in her own right. So far, Jiyoung seems to be doing all right as a solo artist but I really do want to know what Jiyoon is up to. Hopefully, she’s doing well and if she wants to come back into the music industry than I wish her the best.

Recommended songs: “Galaxy,” “Fix me,” Workaholic.”

Cherry Bullet

This group I guess would be considered a guilty pleasure? Like, I don’t know of anyone who was particular impressed by their debut song, “Q & A,” or their comeback song after that, “Really Really,” but I really like both honestly. Specifically, “Q & A”, is good in my books. Unfortunately, I heard that some members have left so that’s a bit unfortunate but here’s hoping luck to the rest of the girls.

Oh, and their lightstick gives them an extra edge:

Americans, be careful walking around with this though!

Recommended songs: See above


Again, no bias because I really got to learn more about the girls in this group but their songs are really great!

My favorites are “To the sky” and “Breakdown.” Although, “Black Dress” is what got me into the group as well as “Hobgoblin” so shout out to those songs as well.

Recommended songs: See above


Oooh, you would think I would have a bias in this group but I kinda don’t really. It’s a cop out but I do like all the members. I was only a baby fan when I got to seem them for the first time on Mcountdown when I didn’t even know all their names – shame.

But the next time I went to Korea, I was a “proper” Insomnia and managed to get to see them a handful of times though sadly never face-to-face though I’m happy for that because I honestly find myself really ugly.

Anyways, I will just say that you all should check them out because I still think they need some love and despite releasing such high quality content, they still don’t have enough fans in my book. Although, if I’m honest, I don’t want them to be TOO famous – certainly not BTS levels of fame because we’ve all seen how bad that gets, ahem.

But I will say that like BlackPink, there are some days I lean towards JiU, the bunny leader, than anyone else? Does that count?

Bunny JiU

Recommended songs: Their WHOLE discography I mean WHOLE so that includes the Japanese tracks, but if not then at least the title tracks. My favorite B-sides are: “Jazz Bar,” “Wonderland,” and “Sleepwalking.”


I also had the pleasure of seeing EVERGLOW live on Mcountdown and I was drawn to one member of the group. It was either Onda or E:U, but one of the two because their energy was really high and commanding since the song they performed was “Adios” so it had to be, but Onda or E:U stood out more. Or both because honestly both seem like pretty good dancers.

Recommended song: Hush (cause it doesn’t get enough attention)


GFriend…a group that I really need to learn more about, so if anyone reading this is a GFriend stan please alert to me the proper resources to start learning about these girls, thank you. I’m still really only know Eunji, Sowon, and SinB and that’s it. Nevermind, when I first typed this, I didn’t even get Eunha’s name right, so I guess I’m still lost. Boy, oh boy.

SinB will be placed here instead of Eunha cause I DON’T DESERVE her.

Recommended song: Time for the Moonlight (duh)


Literally, it was only the other day I really became aware of Yuna’s existence. It’s probably bad to say, but to me, she seems the most forgettable? But this is coming from someone who doesn’t follow ITZY like that so take what I say with a grain of salt. On the other hand, I’m drawn towards Ryujin these days. Lia has popped up on my Twitter timeline a lot. Yeji is just talked about quite a bit and is, again to me, pretty distinct in her features. While Chaeryeong I learned about because netizens being netizens were dragging her for being ugly??? Okay then, settle down there you down and out washed up mother’s basement dweller. Just cause she doesn’t hit your standards doesn’t mean shit especially when you look in the mirror, huh? Or I guess you don’t do that much self-reflecting considering that I’m sure if you looked into the mirror even ONCE, you’d see what kinda soul you are inside and out. Pricks.

A nerve may have been touched there but have a Chaeryeong to the good ITZY fans out there

Recommended song: WANNABE (obvious, I know)


Lord, I honestly don’t know where to start with IU besides the fact that she is the only K-pop idol I would actually label as “QUEEN~ yaaaaassss~” Haha, but seriously, I don’t throw that title out there all willy-nilly like you see some of these other K-pop fans do. Like seriously, these idols can do the bare minimum – flip their hair sexily or dance the equivalent of the Macarena and fans be like: “OMG, QUEEN! GET ITTTTTT”

Anyways, IU is an all-rounder I like and respect especially given what she’s been through in her 10+ years in the industry. Given the titles she’s lost (eg: Nation’s Little Sister), the people she’s lost, and the fans/general public’s good favor that she’s lost, and to still be going relatively strong after all that? Amazing. Not to mention she actually appears to have some backbone like even some of your oppars out there, so respect.

I still have a lot to learn about her but if I hadn’t put this in alphabetical order, she’d definitely be number 1 or 2.

Plus, IU was the first artist I got to see in concert ever. Before her, I had never been to a concert in my life so seeing her live and experiencing a concert for the first time in the way I did was incredible and I feel honored to have attended especially since I was going through a really rough month when I finally saw her, so thank you, IU.

Recommended song: Her whole discography, but I suppose my favorite album of hers is Chatshire (album) and Modern Times is a good one, too.


12 girls, 12 months. And yet, I somehow know pretty much all of their names and could identify who is who. I guess Blockberry’s strategy of introducing one girl a month really worked though I honestly wasn’t keeping track. Instead, I watched some guy react to all 12 solo videos of the girls during the winter holidays cause I had time to that nonsense.

And honestly, I loved all their videos and songs. On the other hand, their group songs haven’t really lived up to par, but we’ll see.

This is pretty self-evident if you look at my sidebar but of course I have a bias for Yves whose song, “New,” I love with a passion. And of course, where there is Yves, there’s Chuu, who I like as well though I don’t think I’d be able to handle her in real life. Other members I have a fondness for are Olivia Hye, Jinsoul, Yeojin (so young, so young), and Vivi. Though all the members are great in their own right but I don’t follow LOONA like that to be able to really be like I love all 12 of the girls and I can give you 50 reasons why – for each girl. Haha, no.

I’m gay now

Recommended songs: “New” (ofc), “Heart Attack,” and “Kiss Later”


I got hooked to OH MY GIRL when I stumbled across “Twilight”. I know they were on Queendom and performed the song, but no, I didn’t hear Twilight from there, but I do like that version of the song. Not much to say about this group since I’m still getting there with this group but I hope they’ll drop more songs in the same vein as “Twilight” or even “The Fifth Season” which isn’t too shabby either. “Nonstop” is meh to me.

Oh, and they also gave us the song Banana allergy, so I can I leave them off the list?

Recommended song: Twilight (and Banana allergy of course)

Orange Caramel

I hope no one’s forgotten about Orange Caramel because while I’m a bit passed their time, I feel like I would’ve been a eager fan to see their comebacks as such. The three are all but gone their separate ways but their legacy lives on.

But really, don’t have a bias here, but for whatever reason I felt drawn a bit towards Raina? So there’s that.

Recommended songs: Copycat or Abing Abing (Hah! Everyone and their mother knows Catellena, so I gotta gave ya something else)

Red Velvet

Red Velvet was a staple of mine back in the fall of 2018. Not sure why then in particular but I really started listening to their music, most notably their albums, Russian Roulette and Rookie. As for biases, there isn’t a strong one but I do like Irene and Joy quite a bit. Same but on a smaller scaled with Yeri and Seulgi (though I do appreciate her as a dancer). With Wendy, she’s alright.

Recommended songs: “Little Little,” “Psycho,” “So Good,” and “Butterflies”


I would also recommend Irene and Seulgi’s Monster.


Sumi is pretty much up there in the same vein as IU in my books. I pretty much like her entire discography and all of her MVs that I’ve seen are fun to watch and definitely have replay value (which I can’t say for some).

Also, these tweets of hers are a gem:

This tweet was in response to the outfit she wore below as some people were equating it to what a prostitute would wear. She later deleted the tweet above but instead came back with:

Click for the video the pic is from

I can’t help but laugh at how she came back in ALL CAPS to emphasize her point. Love to see it especially in an industry where the idols are all to acquiescing to netizens and their fans a bit too much sometimes. Basically, I like idols who know how and when to clapback and have some backbone.

But yeah, songs good. Personality good. Beautiful in general. English is a bonus.

Recommended songs: Whole discography (including Wonder Girls if you want to – haven’t listened to all yet mind you) but in particular “Noir” and “Heroine.” For B-sides, “Curved.”


I feel like people rag on TWICE for everything these days. From their styling, to their MVs (not really their fault though), to their singing (literally saw someone say they all suck except for Jeongyeon), to their choreography, etc. etc.

Like, I’m a simple person, I’m really not demanding so I don’t necessarily see the issue with any of the above? But then, my tastes are in the minority for a lot of things, so there you go.

As for biases, there aren’t really any but again I feel drawn towards Jeongyeon (since their debut actually), Nayeon, Mina (because her anxiety issues I could empathize with), Dahyun, and Tzuyu. But dang, I really like all of them honestly. Can’t really choose like that. Hmmm, what’s a girl to do with so many choices.

Recommended: Really any of their title tracks since I don’t listen to their B-sides much. But I did like “Breakthrough,” a Japanese track.

The disappointment when I can’t choose even one

Boy Groups/Soloists


I think my bias in this group seems obvious, but I could go through a whole spiel on the history of my BTS bias list but I think I will just list it out here:

  1. Jungkook
  2. V
  3. Jimin
  4. J-hope
  5. Jin
  6. RM
  7. Suga

Subject to change, of course. But who would have thought that my blog mascot is my bias? Actually, he wasn’t originally. He wasn’t even a wrecker. Ahh, how times change. JK and V are actually supposed to be tied in a way but I changed it. Why those two? Because yes, I will finally admit – I’m a Taekook shipper.

Warning! AU stuff:

Girl can’t even spell Jungkook’s name right – the hell?

Nah, but seriously, it’s just coincidence. I can’t explain why I bias Jungkook….um, I guess cause we’re the same age?? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

OH GOD, why do I like THIS?

For V, I just like his recent, “I’m so done with this bullshit” attitude with not just BigHit but with some fans, too. And for a BTS member to finally show some backbone (word of the day) towards fans is fucking fantastic. I just hope V doesn’t become a disappointment like some people in this group.

This is better

Funnily enough, Jungkook is like the exact opposite and panders to ARMYs like no tomorrow, so my brain is a confusing mess. I blame my biology and my hormones.

Fun fact: Suga who is last on the bias list was my bias since I got into BTS and remained in a steady 1st place until JK, the bias wrecker, messed that up so they were tied. Then this past summer happened and unfortunately Suga…uhh, fell out of favor with me. I don’t hate or dislike him but he’s kinda meh to me now. 

Recommended songs: I don’t know, I guess most of their discography though their recent stuff doesn’t resonate with me but I’d still go ahead and recommend for anyone that wants to try EXCEPT for Black Swan…anything but that song.


EXO is an interesting case because if I had made one tiny decision back in 2015, then EXO may have been my biased group for the longest time instead of BTS. And yet, overall EXO ain’t been that bad in terms of their image, I guess I should say. Like at least, they didn’t go around trying to be “woke kings” but I digress.

Also, congrats to Chen for basically doing a shotgun wedding. Didn’t know he had it in him. Not only that, but he pissed off some fangirls that literally were just ignored when they went out to protest for him getting kicked outta the group. Ahh, overzealous jealous fangirls are a sight to behold.

Song-wise, I can say that I’ve liked their recent title tracks and the past ones from before, but I have to admit I don’t listen to their B-sides really. Oh well, perhaps I am in a parallel universe?

Oh, and no straight bias here though just based on attitude – D.O. and Xiumin perhaps though I can’t really say for sure. Baekhyun seems cool. Suho was partly inspired by Vincent van Gogh for his recent solo album so anyone who takes inspiration from Vince is good in my book. Chanyeol is something, that’s all I gotta say, haha. Staying away from Kai and Sehun I’m pretty impartial about though I do approve of his part in “EXO Next Door.” That drama was a trip. Wait, is Lay even in EXO anymore?


Recommended songs: “MAMA” (just for the meme, heh), “Wolf” (hehehe), “Tempo,” and “Love Shot.”


Oooh, not much to say about Got7 cause honestly I suppose you can say my interest in theme is superficial meaning only surface-level stuff especially as of recent since I haven’t even kept up with their latest releases. Some of their older stuff is good though, of course. The members are also alright in my book though I have some heard some shady stuff about Mark, but whatever.

Not much else to say but I would give them a shot if you haven’t. Legit no biases here, not even any leanings this time – for me I enjoy ’em as a group.

Recommended songs: “Just Right” (I feel like people forgot about this song), and “Fly,”

Monsta X

Yes, I know Wonho is in this picture when he’s technically solo now, but if I didn’t include him here, then he would have his only little solo spot at the end of the list since I can say he is bias material though I don’t declare anyone from this group him along with IM and Kihyun are up there on the list. Although, I like the other members as well so no qualms there.

Besides BTS, who is kinda slipping on my boy group list, not gonna lie, Monsta X is up there with them because of course, I like their songs for the most part and the members really have good synergy. I was in Korea when Wonho left and being able to go to Starship firsthand to see Korean and some foreign Monbebes come together for Wonho was certainly something and kinda moving. They were pretty nice too. They honestly probably thought I was a Monbebe which I’m not, I just went outta curiousity and yet I still ended up writing a note of encouragement and cheering on to Wonho along with the others. I wonder if he truly ever got it?

Fun fact: average time for a Wonho V live is approx. an hour

His paid for his crimes, and while he still gets hate – he actually seems an alright dude. These days, I’m hyper wary of Korean guys due to recent events in the industry and knowing what I know about South Korean society in general, but I want to have some faith in these K-pop boys. This doesn’t just go for Monsta X, but the others mentioned here. Here’s to hoping!

Hamster Kihyun
What IM said

Recommended songs: “All in,” “Amen,” “Honestly,””5:14” (Wonho apparently helped to write this) and “HERO.”

N. Flying

Honestly, I still don’t know much about N. Flying but as always, if anyone is willing to be a fangirl and share, I’d appreciate it. I just know that I saw them at Mcountdown and was actually pretty impressed especially since they’re a band and I’ll be honest, I miss that sound that only straight-up bands can provide, so their concept is very much appreciated.

Really have to learn more about them though.

Recommended song: “Rooftop”


Click me for the AMA

ONEUS reminds me of early BTS in the fact that all the songs I’ve listened to, I like a lot. I’ve listened to all of ONEUS’s albums even their Japanese stuff and so far everything’s pretty solid. I got hooked on “Twilight” last summer and ended up doing the choreography several times in a row, trying to get it down pat which is something I’ve never done with a group since BTS back in 2015 when I first got into them.

Only thing with ONEUS is that three of the members – Keonhee, Hwanwoong and Xion are younger than me and for boy groups, I have a policy where I don’t get too attached to any member younger than me. I just feel weird if I do, if that makes sense? But especially given how the industry works in Korea.

So I don’t bias those three but as for the other three, I don’t have a particular bias among them. I like all of them honestly. I will say that in “Twilight” I did do Seoho’s part along with Xion’s, but when I saw them perform on The Show, I was a bit drawn to Leedo, so there’s that.

Also, I know some idols (mostly former), have been doing Reddit AMAs but I never knew ONEUS did one. Well, if you’re interested then just click the picture of them above. Of course, their company is breathing down their necks as they answer but still kinda cool they did one.

Recommended songs: “Twilight,” “A Song Written Easily,” “HERO,” and “Stand by.”


Saw Seventeen as well and not impressed. No, just kidding, but the songs they performed were honestly kinda meh for me. Though there are Seventeen songs I enjoy and hope that they will continue to provide some good songs here on out.

Literally though, I feel this isn’t a bias list anymore because I have no biases in Seventeen but I appreciate them as a group if that makes it any better?

Stray Kids

I really just put Stray Kids in here because I really have liked some of their title tracks. I heard that they’re doing some self-producing and if so, I’m pretty impressed. Though I don’t follow them, I kinda look forward to their comebacks to see if they release anything of the same vein as any of the songs I recommend below. Guess we’ll see.

Also, I was properly shook when I first heard Felix’s voice and was amused when I saw the Korean Harry Potter in this group. Who’s that? Guess.

Recommended songs: “Side Effects,” “Miroh,” and “God’s Menu”

Well, that’s it. That’s my bias not-really-bias list. Of course, this list is subject to change as I add or even remove any of the groups here. I do listen to other groups but I didn’t feel right listing them here just yet but that could change. I didn’t expect that this list would take as long as it did.

Regardless, hope you were amused and if you have any groups I didn’t cover, then send them my way if you want. Though maybe I should make a anti-bias list? Is that the name of groups you feel meh or don’t really like? I should make a list like that, too, but maybe as a post.

Anyways, take care and have a good day or night.

And don’t be like this fool, please

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