Hello, after being able to post for the last week or so, I think I can officially say that I’m back. After an approximate one month hiatus in which I was taken away by my lovely jailer and bane of my undergrad existence–college, I have returned a fresh new graduate baby about to enter “the real world.” I wasn’t completely neglecting my duties as the “proud” owner of a K-pop blog. Oh no, I was busy translating an important Korean article for all you lovely ARMYs out there and certainly not binge-watching movies like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Hahaha…ha.

Anyways, the article in question is roughly titled in English, “How BigHit, who raised BTS, recruits talent” and can be found on Naver under the Korean title, “BTS를 키운 빅히트 엔터테인먼트가 인재를 채용하는 방법.” If you were a bit confused, talent just basically means employees. “Special” employees. I was inspired to look this up after the treatment of not only BTS, but BigHit’s employees came into question due to employee reviews on a Korean site called, Jobplanet, was shared and circulated on Twitter. This prompted the trending hashtag, “큰성공_직원관리_아티스트_보호해” which roughly translates to “big success_employee management_artist_protection” in English. The peak of this hashtag was roughly a month ago, so yes, I know, I’m late to the party but better late than never.

However, looking at the hashtag a month ago on Twitter led me to find people providing examples of how the boys’ privacy and comfort were being invaded by the very employees fans had expected better from.

Case in point:

Saesangs on a Plane, Coming to theaters June 20XX

For safe-keeping, I took pictures of all the tweets, since sometimes people delete their tweets which has proven to be both frustrating and upsetting. If you want to see the actual videos for any of these, then just click on the picture.

I actually do not know the context of this video, but a lot of ARMYs were up in arms (heh, get it?) because Jin had gotten hurt and was apparently being laughed at or at least not taken seriously by the staff. This particular incident was a point of contention amongst ARMYs in the comments as some were telling the original poster (OP) to take this down as it was misleading. They argued that Jin was either not in pain and was just joking around or that the staff was not necessarily laughing at Jin. But others pointed out that of Jin wasn’t in serious pain, then J-hope wouldn’t appear so downcast and upset. Personally, listening to the audio, even if he wasn’t in serious pain, the way Jin sounds in this is…discomforting. But click on the picture to listen to the video and be the judge for yourself.

This one has no video, so don’t bother to click on it since it was basically just Jungkook acting like he’s Iron Man which is cute, I guess? Or dumb. Regardless, not the focus. The Korean text captures an apparent conversation RM was having with an employee in the background I presume.

(Rough Translation)

???: Why is your condition so good today?

RM: I don’t know.

???: Fuck, I don’t feel good.

RM: Okay, so then why are you suddenly pretending to care?

Which is a pretty self-explanatory conversation, but wow. Just the connotations that come from that last sentence makes you wonder what’s going on in BigHit, eh?

Finally, we have one of the last latest ones that I saw with the hashtag. As you can see, the momentum pretty much trickled out by the end of April. Even the poster is ironically questioning if it’s over, but does provide her/his own examples of privacy invasion BTS has had to endure ending with that it’s really f-ing hard to control these employees.

And going back to Jobplanet and looking at some of the reviews myself, I can say that certainly, you would be wise to worry about wanting to apply to BigHit when it looks like the bulk of people are complaining about the company providing more bad points than good points to say about the company.

2 stars? Oof.

If you’re interested in the secondary scores, they’re as followed:

Welfare and Salary——————————————————–2.8

Work and Life Balance—————————————————1.7

Company Culture———————————————————–2.0

Advancement Opportunities and Possibility——————-2.4


The ones that give percentages are:

21% would recommend the company

53% is the CEO approval rating

32% is the company growth rate


I mean…they brought us these adorkable fellows below:

Gosh, aren’t they dreamy?

Well, girls and boys, listen up. I think it’s about time I confessed something. While working strenuously over translating the previously mentioned article that I will get to in a moment, I had to take a break, and so I will guiltily confess that I did indeed watch both version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and even read the book it’s based on by Roald Dahl. So yeah, I’m sorry, I lied earlier.

I may be persecuted for these tweets later when ’05 Wonka fans come after me.

Also, I think out of my Willy Wonka rant, this tweet may be my most liked tweet since I started my account and it’s thanks to one of my friends, you know who you are *wink*

Anyways, blame Netflix. They recently added both the 1971 and 2005 versions of the movies and Jesus Christ was it a good night of watching little brats get what they deserved in sweet chocolatey goodness.

Willy Wonka shady asf

But for those who have the terrible misfortune of not knowing the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I’ll sum it up in brief:

Charlie Bucket is a poor poor boy living with his parents and 90+ grandparents (on both sides, mind you!) in a house on the outskirts of a village that is overlooked by the biggest and most wondrous company chocolate factory in the world! Kids love it! Adults swoon for it. Willy Wonka’s chocolate and sweets are lauded the world over and has shut out any competitors that stand in Wonka’s way because he’s just that good at making chocolates. And when seven five lucky children including innocent little Charlie are allowed into his factory by the way of 5 Golden Tickets that promises everlasting riches fame chocolate, well, what could possibly go wrong?

It really is too good to be true, ain’t it? As you can tell, none of the dear little children leave the factory quite like they entered it. Oh no, dear reader, they’re quite altered and not necessarily for the better, at least in the books (I’d say the movies, especially the 2005 one put a more positive spin on things and it’s a Tim Burton movie, for Christ’s sake!).

Okay okay, but I was going somewhere with that, I swear. Basically, to put it in simple terms, the CEO Bang Shi-hyuk is the Willy Wonka of BigHit Entertainment.

There, I said it! Drag me, if you want. But I said what I said. As for who the children and Charlie are in this analogy, um, I’m still working that into my thesis: CEO Bang and the BigHit Chocolate Factory: An Exploration of How a Children’s Book from the ’60s is Relevant to Understanding the K-pop System Today.

Great title, eh?

But hey, if you still want to go ahead and reach out for that “golden ticket” and become an employee of BigHit, then be my guest. Maybe you’re a really dedicated ARMY or someone who wants to topple it from the inside. Haha, yeah right, this ain’t a movie.

But seriously, I put effort into translating this article as best as I could. It is definitely a rough translation but it should prove to be readable and understandable. The article will give insight to how BigHit picks employees and the traits that said employees possess that makes them “talents.”

I basically copy and pasted the article from Naver along with my translation so there will be Korean and English text since I know it is inevitable that someone will point out a translation error which I would appreciate! I’m still learning and want to improve. I had help from one of my professors but I didn’t bug him with every little detail of the article. Especially in these times when everyone is preoccupied more than ever with something.

Anyway, without further ado, on with the article.

BTS를 키운 빅히트 엔터테인먼트가 인재를 채용하는 방법

HR Insight님의 프로필 사진

HR Insight

2019.08.30. 10:3025,909 읽음

공연하고 있는 BTS의 모습
BTS Performing

세계를 환호하게 만든 방탄소년단 뒤에는 이들을 빈틈없이 서포트하는 빅히트 엔터테인먼트가 있다.

Behind the worldwide acclaimed BTS is the perfect support of BigHit Entertainment.

 현재 가파른 성장세에 있는 빅히트의 과제 중 하나는 성장을 이끌기 위한 인재를 채용하고 이들이 빅히트라는 조직에서 시너지를 낼 수 있도록 돕는 것이다.

Presently, in order to lead development, one of the projects of the steeply growing BigHit is to recruit talent and in the organization known as BigHit provide synergy.

 ‘열정’을 가진 인재를 찾아 열심히 일할 수 있는 환경을 제공하고, 다양한 배경을 가진 구성원들의 시너지를 이끌어 내고 있는 빅히트 엔터테인먼트의 인재 채용-운영 방식은 어떠할까?

Passionate talents are found in a provided hard working environment and led by the synergy of employees of different  backgrounds, what are the methods of BigHit’s  talent-recruitment?

어느 기업이든 지속적인 성장과 사업 성공을 위한 ‘우수 인재 확보’라는 지상 과제를 갖고 있다. 

For any company, for the sake of continuous development and success, “Secure excellent talent” is a monumental task.

이를 얼마나 잘 수행해 내는가는 성장 단계에 맞는 똑똑한 리크루팅 전략을 세우는 데 달려 있다 해도 과언이 아니다.

It is no exaggeration to say that how well they will be able to carry this out is dependent upon the establishment of a smart recruiting strategy that matches the development level of these talents.

 지난해 매출 2142억 원을 달성하며 수직 성장하고 있는 빅히트 엔터테인먼트(이하 ‘빅히트’)도 같은 고민을 하고 있다.

Last year, BigHit Entertainment (also known as BigHit) who achieved 214.2 billion in sales and grew in profits also has this same concern.

 빅히트는 작년 초 구성원 80여 명에서 1년여 만에 거의 3배에 가까운 인재를 영입하며 빠르게 성장하고 있다. 

BigHit’s personnel which was about 80 at the beginning of the year, has grown almost 3 times in the space of about one year.

빅히트는 어떤 인재들을 찾아 선발하며 또 어떻게 관리하고 있는지 그 사례를 살펴본다.

What kind of talent BigHit finds and selects and how they manage it is what we will look into.

빅히트 엔터테인먼트 리쿠르팅 페이지
BigHit Entertainment Recruiting Page

면접 필수 질문, “본인의 일을 좋아하는 이유는?”

Interview essential question: “What is the reason why you like your work?”

빅히트가 원하는 인재에 대한 생각은 ‘회사란 무엇’이며, 또 ‘일은 어떤 의미인가’라는 아주 기본적인 콘셉트에서 출발한다. 

“What is a company to you?” or “What meaning does work have for you” are thoughts pertaining to the kind of talent BigHit wants.

회사는 일을 하러 오는 곳이기 때문에 그 곳에서 내가 좋아하는 일을 할 수 있는지, 또 어떤 생각을 가진 사람들과 함께 일할 수 있는지는 회사 생활을 즐겁게 할 수 있는 가장 기본적인 요건이 된다.

Because of having to go to companies to work, what do I like doing there, or what can I do with people has become the most basic condition of having an enjoyable company life.

 그래서 빅히트에서 일하고 싶은 인재들에게 묻는 필수 질문은 ‘본인의 일을 좋아하는 이유가 무엇인가?’이다.
So “what is the reason you like work?”  is an essential question asked to talents at BigHit.

일을 통해 누군가는 어릴 적 꿈을 이루고, 누군가는 목표를 하나씩 달성해 나갈 수 있다.

Through work, anyone can achieve their childhood dream, and anyone can achieve their goals one by one.

빅히트가 원하는 인재는 자신의 일을 좋아하는 이유가 명확한 사람이며, 바로 이 지점이 빅히트가 ‘열정’이라고 부르는 인재상의 출발점이 된다. 

The talent BigHit wants is a person who has a clear reason to like their job and this point is the starting point of what BigHit calls a talent’s passion.

빅히트의 채용 및 인력 운영 전략은 매우 명확하고도 간결하다. 

BigHit’s recruitment and recruitment/management strategy is very clear and even concise.

열정을 가진 인재들을 선발해 그들이 열심히 일할 수 있는 환경을 만들어 주는 것이다.

The passionate talents are chosen and work hard to create a workable environment.

‘빅히트 DNA’는 열정, 자율, 신뢰!

BigHit DNA is passion, autonomy, truth!

지난해 8월 방시혁 대표는 모든 구성원들을 대상으로 빅히트 조직문화의 근간이 되는 ‘빅히트 DNA’를 발표했다.

Last August, the CEO Bang Shi-hyuk announced to his employees the foundation of BigHit’s organizational culture, “BigHit DNA.”

 빅히트 DNA는 2005년 창업 이래 사업을 진행하며 지속적으로 고민하고 검토한 내용을 집약한 것으로 기업으로서 빅히트가 존재하는 이유인 미션과 빅히트의 핵심가치를 담고 있다.

BigHit DNA has been continuously reviewed and thought about since the company’s beginnings in 2005, and contains the core values and mission as to why BigHit exists.

 빅히트의 미션인 ‘Music and Artist for Healing : 음악과 아티스트를 통해 전 세계 사람들에게 위로와 감동을 전달하는 일’은 빅히트 엔터테인먼트와 beNX를 포함한 자회사들을 아우르는 하나의 방향성으로, 다양한 사업 영역을 통해 궁극적으로빅히트가 무엇을 이루고자 하는지를 설명해준다.

BigHit’s Mission ‘Music and Artist for Healing: Through the music and artist, to give comforting and emotionally moving work to the people of the world’ is through the one directional merging of subsidiaries of BigHit and beNX, various business domains will eventually explain what BigHit hopes to achieve.

빅히트의 핵심가치 중 BigHit’s Core Values

①열정은 자신의 일을 진심으로 좋아하면 자연스럽게 나오는 행동으로 최고의 콘텐츠를 만들기 위해 쉽게 타협하지 않는 자세인 ‘높은 기준’과 일과 자신을 둘러싼 환경에서 항상 개선의 여지를 찾는 ‘끊임없는 개선’을 의미한다. 

①Passion means that when one sincerely likes their work then through their output, in order to produce the best content, they don’t compromise detailed high standards and work and always seeks to constantly improve their surrounding environment.

나머지는 빅히트가 추구하는 조직문화를 표현한 것으로, 

The rest of BigHit (DNA) is sought through the expression of the organization’s culture

②자율은 의견과 아이디어를 자유롭게 표현할 수 있는 ‘수평적 커뮤니케이션’과 자신의 업무 책임 내에서 스스로 판단할 수 있는 ‘충분한 권한 과 책임’으로 설명할 수 있다. 마지막 

②Autonomy is opinions and ideas that are freely able to be expressed in lateral communication and one’s work responsibility is accomplished then one is able explain through one’s own judgement on ample authority and responsibility. Lastly, 

③신뢰는 ‘Win Together’로 표현되는 구성원 상호 간의 태도로, 회사의 미션에 진심으로 공감하고, 공동의 목표 달성을 위해 치열하게 논의하며, 개인 혹은 부서간 조건 없이 협력하는 자세를 의미한다. 

③Truth means that through the expression ‘Win Together’ there is mutual manners of expression,  in order to achieve the goals of cooperation and sincere sympathy in the company’s mission there is passionate discussion and unconditionally a cooperative attitude individually or between departments.

빅히트가 찾는 인재는 자신의 일에 대한 열정이 있고, 자율과 신뢰의 조직문화를 활용해 즐겁게 일하는 방법을 알며, 빅히트의 미션과 조직문화를 지속하는 방향으로 행동하는 사람이다.         

BigHit’s founded talents are people who utilize passion, autonomy, and truth in their organization culture and they know enjoyable working methods that continuously stirs the activities of BigHit’s mission and organization culture.

3단계 채용 프로세스로 회사-후보자 (candidate) 상호 탐색

3 Levels of Searching for Company Candidates through the Recruiting Process 

빅히트의 면접은 총 3단계로 진행된다. 

BigHit’s interview is progressed through 3 levels

첫 번째 실무 역량 면접은 지원 부서의 직책자 와 팀원들이 직무 전문성에 대한 내용을 심층적으로 평가한다.

First, the practical affairs capability interview is the in-depth evaluation of the candidate’s department and the team member’s job expertise.

직무에 따라 포트폴리오 발표, 코딩과제 등 실무 과제, 사전에 준비한 과제 발표 등 다양한 방식으로 진행된다.

Following the job (evaluation) the interview proceeds into different directions: the presentations of the portfolio, coding projects and practical affairs projects, prior prepared presentations, etc. 

이 단계에서 후보자는 자신이 지원한 직무에 대한 이해도를 높일 수 있는 RJP(Realistic Job Preview, 현실적 직무 소개)를 동시에 제공 받는다.

At this level, at the same time the applicant is provided a Realistic Job Preview (RJP) to be able to increase his or her understanding of his or her applied duties

두 번째 단계인 조직 적합성 면접은 인사 담당 부서인 피플실 에서 진행하며, 빅히트 DNA에 기반한 심층 면접 방식으로 진행된다.

Second, the organizational suitability interview takes place in the People room, an in-depth interview is  based on BigHit DNA.

 이 단계에서 후보자는 회사의 지향점과 조직문화에 대한 이해를 높일 수 있으며, 함께 즐겁게 일할 수 있는 사람인지 여부를 상호 확인하는 과정을 거치게 된다.

At this level, candidates are able to better understand the company’s goals and organizational culture and go through a check in process to see if they can mutually work well together.

마지막 단계는 지원 부서의 최종 책임자인 Chief 면접으로 진행되며, 현재와 미래 관점을 고려해 회사에 꼭 필요한 인재인가를 마지막으로 확인하는 과정을 거친다. 

The final level progresses to the final applying department’s person in charge Chief interview where they finally decide if this is a talent they need through the consideration of present and future perspectives.

이 단계에서 후보자는 회사의 리더십 스타일과 전략 방향성에 대한 이해를 높여 입사 의사결정을 할 수 있다. 

At this level, there can be decision making in entering the company when the candidate increases their understanding of the company’s leadership style and directional capabilities 

한편 빅히트는 채용 프로세스를 지속적으로 개선하기 위해 면접이 끝난 후, 후보자를 대상으로 익명의 설문을 실시하고 있다.

On the other hand, in order to continuously improve the recruiting process, BigHit gives out an anonymous survey to all candidates after the interviews end.

인재들의 적응 돕는 다양한 프로그램 제공 

Providing different programs to help them adapt

 빠르게 성장하는 회사에서는 각 분야별 전문성을 가진 인재들이 필요하기 때문에 신입보다는  다양한 배경을 가진 경력직   구성원의 비율이 단기간에 높아질 수밖에 없다. 

Because of the fast growing nature of the company, there is a need expertise in each field, so the ratio of experienced employees of diverse backgrounds to increase in a shorter time than new recruits

새로운 환경에 적응하는 것은 누구에게나 힘든 일이겠지만, 다른 조직문화에서 생활해 왔던 경력직 구성원에게는 특히 더 도전적인 일일 수 있다. 

For anyone, adjusting to a new environment is hard but to experienced employees who came from different company organizations it can especially be more challenging.

빅히트 신규 입사자들의 출신 회사는 다양하지만, 타 업계 출신 비율이 더 높은 편이라 해당 구성원들은 산업도 공부하면서 조직문화도 익혀야 하는 등 노력이 필요하다. 

The original companies of BigHit’s new employees are different but the proportion of those from other industries is higher so employees have to exert effort in studying the industry and organizational culture.

이에, 기존 구성원들이 적극적으로 신규 입사자의 온보딩을 지원하고 회사는 수평적 커뮤니케이션이라는 기조 하에 열린 소통 방법과 우연한 만남을 장려하는 방법으로 자연스러운 적응을 돕고 있다. 구성원의 빠른 적응을 돕는 빅히트의 대표 프로그램을 몇 가지 소개한다.

Hence, current employees actively aid in the onboarding of new employees and through the company’s lateral communication and encourage open communication methods and chance meetings can naturally help employees adjust. We will introduce the different representative programs of BigHit that helps employees quickly adjust.

(1) 신규 입사자가 있는 부서는 입사 당일, 부서와 업무의 특성을 살린 이벤트인 부서별 ‘신규 입사자 환영 이벤트’를 준비해 입사자를 따뜻하게 환영하고, 이 내용을 전사에 사진이나 동영상으로 공유한다.

(1) The same day the new employee’s department, the characteristics of the department and duties are laid out at a departmental event. “The New Employee Welcome Event” warmly welcomes new employees and the contents of this event is shared in pictures or videos.

(2) 회사 차원에서 점심 비용을 지원해주는 월 1회 랜덤런치인 ‘빅히트 사다리’를 통해 직원 간 친밀감을 높일 수 있는 기회를 마련한다. 월 초 추첨 명단이 발표되며, 함께 점심을 하고 간단한 소회를 전체 메신저에 공유한다.

(2) At the company level, a chance to increase a sense of intimacy amongst workers is through “BigHit Ladder” a monthly random lunch provided through lunch expenses. At the beginning of the month, a lottery list is announced and together, eat lunch and have easy get togethers which are shared through a messenger. 

(3) ‘1 on 1 미팅’도 업무와 회사에 대한 이해를 도와주는 제도이다. 빅히트의 구성원은 누구에게나 25분 이내의 1:1 미팅을 신청할 수 있는데, 미팅 신청을 받은 사람은 반드시 응해야 할 의무가 있다. 이 미팅에서는 직무와 조직에 대한 소개부터 최근 진행되는 일에 대한 업데이트, 평소 궁금했던 업무 관련 의견을 자유롭게 주고받을 수 있다.

(3) ‘1 on 1 meeting’ is a helpful situation in order to help understand the company and work. For BigHit’s employees, anyone can apply to a no more than 25 minute one on one meeting and the person who receives the application has an absolute duty to accept it. In this meeting, duties and the organization, updates on recent works in progress, and the day to day opinions on work can be freely exchanged.

(4) 분기별로 (quarterly) 진행하는 전사 문화행사 ‘컬처 데이’를 통해 공연관람 등 다채로운 이벤트를 함께하며 서로에 대한 이해와 친밀도를 높인다.

(4) Through a quarterly company wide held cultural events like ‘Culture Day, watching performances, etc. employees can increase understanding and closeness between each other together at these diverse events.

윤석준 빅히트 엔터테인먼트 공동대표 등 관계자들이 타운홀 미팅에서 구성원들의 현장 질문에 답변하고 있다.
BigHit Entertainment co-chairman Yoon Seok-jun, and other officials answer on-site questions from employees at a Town Hall Meeting.

타운홀미팅, CEO와의 대화 통해 소통의 장 마련

Establishing a communication place through Town Hall Meetings, Conversation with the CEO 

빅히트는 다양한 프로그램을 통해 구성원 간 소통을 강조하는 동시에, 회사가 어떤 방향으로 가고 있는지를 공유하고 소통하는 시간도 마련하고 있다.

Through diverse programs at BigHit, communication is emphasized while also preparing communication time to share what kind of direction the company is going.

 반기마다 ‘타운홀 미팅’을 개최해 회사의 사업방향을 공유하고, 구성원 개개인이 자신의 업무를 현재와 미래 관점, 전사적인 측면에서 보다 입체적으로 바라보며, 리더의 생각을 솔직하게 들어볼 수 있도록 돕는다. 

A semiannual townhall meeting is hosted to share the business direction of the company and for employee’s to see their work through a 3D perspective from the present and future, the enterprisal aspect and to hear the honest thoughts of the leader.

회사의 빠른 성장과 변화의 배경을 설명하고, 그간의 성과와 앞으로의 전략 방향성에 대해 경영진의 생각을 들어볼 수 있는 자리이다. 

To explain the background of the company’s fast growth and changes, and hear the thoughts of management’s directional strategy into the future.

진지하지만 캐주얼한 형식을 띄는 이 미팅에서는 전 구성원들이 자유롭게 궁금한 사항을 질문할 수 있으며, 회사에 바라는 점을 제안할 수 있다. 

It is an earnest meeting but through casual formalities in this meeting previous employees can freely have questions on matters they are curious about and can suggest hopeful points.

타운홀에서 다루어진 주제나 이슈는 다음 타운홀에서 해결 결과나 진행 과정에 대해 반드시 피드백을 하도록 구성된다.

At Town Hall, they organize certain feedback that deal with subjects and issues which solving results and progress process are organized.

마지막으로 평소 대화할 기회가 적은 방시혁 대표와 직원들이 소소하지만 진솔한 대화를 나누는 ‘히트맨과 수다’를 운영한다. 

Finally, a casual conversational opportunity with CEO Bang Shi-hyuk and employees, “Hitman and chatter” is run where trivial but sincere conversations are shared.

2주마다 운영되는 티미팅 형식의 이벤트로  평소 궁금했던 사항이나 서로의 일상에 대해 편안하게 묻고 답할 수 있다.

Every two weeks, through this formal tea meeting event, situations they’re curious about and day to day life can be comfortably asked and answered.

‘히트맨과 수다’에서 일상의 대화를 나누고 있는 방시혁 대표와 구성원들의 모습
Bang Shi-hyuk and employees sharing conversations on daily life during “Hitman and Chatter”

다양한 배경과 개성을 가진 구성원들이 공동의 목표를 가지고 한 방향으로 갈 수 있는 추진력은 회사의 미션에 진심으로 공감하는 구성원들이 있을 때에만 가능하다. 

The driving force is held by employees of different backgrounds and personalities who hold a goal of going in one direction of the company’s mission and is capable of this through the employees’ sincere sympathy.

빅히트는 자신의 일을 사랑하는 마음을 갖고, 빠르게 변화하는 환경에 맞게 자신을 변화시킬 수 있으며, 기존의 관행을 과감히 버리고 새로운 것을 시도할 수 있는 용기를 가진 사람이 즐겁게 도전하며 일할 수 있는 회사이다. 

BigHit is a place where one can have a loving mind towards their work, can change to suit the quickly changing environment and drastically throw away existing practices and is a company for people who have the courage to enjoy the challenge and work.

새로운 시도에 따른 시행착오도 겪겠지만, 빅히트 DNA를 가진 인재들을 찾아내 함께 하려는 노력은 계속될 것이다.

Trial and error will be experienced followed by new attempts but together the talents that have BigHit DNA will continue to exert efforts to be found.

글_ 김명진 빅히트 엔터테인먼트 피플 실장

(Originally) Written by Kim Myeong-jin, Head of BigHit Entertainment’s People Department

해당 기사는 HR Insight 2019.8월호 기사를 재편집했습니다. This article was reedited by HR Insight 2019 August.

Well, I hope that proved to be somewhat insightful. I mean, didn’t it just make you want to join all these lovely people?

Hm, Jungkook apparently has a Linkedin account…okay then

Who knows? If you become an employee of BigHit, you might have your chance of experiencing romantic moments such as this one:

Dang, he threw down, huh?

Ah, yup. What a wonderful company with wonderful, hard-working employees.

So hard-working that they’d literally risk their lives!

From their new docu-series, Break the Silence

Wow, truly some endearing admirable actions taken right here. I mean, someone coulda seriously got hurt and having that weighing on their shoulders, the staff, dancers, and BTS still went through with the show. Incredible. And no one, got hurt so all good, right???

These ARMYs show their support
Oh dear…

Apparently, there the stage probably remained unstable for the whole night. Isn’t that a quite dangerous? And yet, the number of tweets pointing this out could be count on just one hand that I saw at least.

A dissenter! Someone actually not kissing up to BigHit. Scandalous.

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