Dreamcatcher Deja Vu Showcase and my love for Jiu

Hello, my lovely readers, I’ve finally returned to report on the Dreamcatcher showcase I was lucky enough to attend last Wednesday. Thankfully, I got out of it intact, still straight, and loving Dreamcatcher even more. But I’m not a kiss up. I try not to be a blindly devoted fangirl of any group, especially boy groups as they tend to have a lot of those. Although, to be honest, I didn’t find much to complain about with the showcase as it went in typical fashion.

But getting those seats though! That was a small battle. First of all, as an international fan, I had to purchase my tickets on the Melon Global website which was easy enough since I had already signed up and was poised and ready to click that buy ticket button once the countdown reached 0 (yes, the website displayed a counter once there was an hour left before ticket sells). But I was an idiot as usual and second-guessed my seat so I ended up losing a good seat and refreshing the page constantly in the hopes of getting a seat, any seat.

And this is what I got:

Yup, that brown square was me, but I was just freaking happy to even get a seat.

Overall, the ticket only costs the equivalent of about $10 or as Google puts it $8.35 US dollars which was cheap! To see idols like Dreamcatcher for not even $8 was crazy and every seat was the exact same price so I really screwed myself over with being too greedy. But at the very least I didn’t pay for a $60 ticket that some other poor foreign girl bought off of someone from Twitter. She said it was worth it to see Dreamcatcher. I have to admire the girl’s passion, honestly.

As for the actual showcase, it was pretty good. It was my first ever showcase so I was anticipating to at least be entertained, if not interested in how these things worked.

The stage and seating before showcase

I’ll tell you right now, but my camera sucks. I have only an iPhone 6s and though it’s treated me well for almost 3 years, the camera is severely lacking in quality. The bloody thing made me nearly want to upgrade right then and there, but I’m broke and have more K-pop activities to attend for the sake of the one reader I have, so I will preserve.

Anyways, you had these guys taking far better photos than I ever could so really, what was the point in little old me taking any media?

But I couldn’t resist…

The girls when they first came out

Dreamcatcher performed their token ballad song, Polaris, off of their latest album, Raid of Dream. And I’ll be honest, I nearly felt like crying for some unknown reason. I’m serious. I’ve never since I’ve gotten into K-pop when BTS dragged me into this hell have ever felt like crying at seeing or hearing my faves. Granted, it could’ve been the hormones since I’m going through some stuff now or maybe it was the emotional somber melody of Polaris, but it was almost surreal feeling that way.

I think I reached my first step of fangirling–a feat I never though I’d reach.

Thankfully, there was another girl sitting near me that looked on the verge of tears so at the very least I wasn’t alone.

Anyways, after the Polaris performance, the girls took a seat and were interviewed on the album, the collaboration they are doing with the mobile RPG game, King’s Raid, who helped inspire the themes, outfits, and even the lyrics within their album, Raid of Dream, and then they answered some questions in a Q & A format. This along with other antics rounded out the event which was helped along by a rather charismatic host.

One thing I really appreciated seeing them in person was that I noticed that all the girls look pretty healthy. No one looked stick thin and as someone who struggles with her own self-image, it felt nice seeing K-pop girls have some meat on their bones. My favorite was Gahyeon in this instance. May she never reach levels of bone thinness, please.

But my favorite mini performance was of course from charismatic leader, Jiu.

Jiu dancing to Love Shot had me in love

There isn’t too much more of note for the overall showcase besides a few more songs performed including Deja Vu, Then There Was None, and of course, they closed with the fan song: Over the Sky. The event was a little over an hour but it honestly felt like it went so much faster. Still, I was just satisfied that I was one of the lucky ones to be there in person as I’ve said before, but then there were people like this guy:

Dude’s not even playing King’s Raid. Rude.

This little fecker messed around with his phone throughout the showcase here and there. In this instance, he started playing his game as Dreamcatcher were doing their goodbye speeches. He could’ve at least acted like he supported Dreamcatcher and play King’s Raid like a good Insomnia, but noooo. What a rude dude, huh?

(Note: Insomnia is Dreamcatcher’s fanclub name and if you haven’t downloaded King’s Raid, can you really call yourself a fan of Dreamcatcher, you traitor?)

Anyways, here’s some more of my low quality pictures of the Dreamcatcher showcase. I would say for the price I paid, definitely worth the experience.

I plan to be back soon with another post of an event I went to the very next day. I got to see these girls two days in a row! I swear I’m never this lucky.

My post not enough Dreamcatcher? Watch the full showcase by clicking on disgusted Siyeon.

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