About the Site

Well well well, look what we have here. Another fangirl wanting to gush about the wonderful world of K-pop on perhaps the umpteenth blog found on the industry.

Yes, I will use memes on this blog. I’m not old and trying to fit in with kids, I swear.

Yeah, that’s right. I also want to go on and on about my faves and whine about them not coming anywhere near my home since I’m from Nowheresville, USA and idols only seem to know two cities: New York or LA. To ease my sorrow of not seeing my faves, I proceed to buy my bulk of K-pop merch of said faves because if I can’t see them then at least I have their merch to decorate every single last corner of my room to fill the emptiness of my dark heart.  Because that’s what K-pop is about at the end of the day, right? Helping my idols sustain their careers when in reality all that sweet money is being consumed by their companies who leave their idols poor, enslaved, desolate or a lovely mix of those things and more!

One more meme, I swear

Anyways, I see you’ve reached my blog and wow wow wow, what a surprise. Truly I’m shocked that anyone would stumble upon this…monstrosity…though I haven’t even posted much of worth at all but I hope you enjoy your stay even if it’s for a second.

About Me

What can I say? I’m a nobody. Not many people are that interested in a faceless K-pop fan girl on the internet spouting random “hot takes” on the K-pop industry. That is especially true when given the reputation of K-pop fans. Although I hope to prove different. I don’t know what people want to know about me even a year into the creation of this blog so I’ll update this section as I grow. Though you could check out my bias list which seems to be something people seem to want to know about. I warn you that my bias list isn’t to be taken seriously though.

But, why am I tackling the task of writing about K-pop? Simple. I like writing despite my anxiety getting in the way of everything I try to do including this blog which is one reason why there is still not as many posts on this blog as I like.  On the other hand, I like K-pop despite being an industry that is not entirely all peaches and cream though some may tell you otherwise. I’ll be honest, I’m still quite the learner myself when it comes to the ins and outs of K-pop, the industry, the fandoms (oh, the fandoms…), the idols, and everything in between hence the name of the blog, K-pop’s Lost Fangirl.

BUT I’ve learned that I find all of this pretty darn fascinating and so I’m gonna do my bestest to not only educate myself but also teach you a thing or two about K-pop that you’ve never quite thought about. Hopefully…I’m not an expert.  I got some research papers lined up, quality websites to browse (not the shady ones like allkpop and Koreaboo, please), and a blog run by either a very lovely chap or the cunt of the world  (take your pick) as sources that I’d love to add my own spin to.

I’m also dabbling into my own research as well. My focus is on fandoms, mental health and related topics pertaining to fans and idols, parasocial relationships, and general K-pop culture. Annnnd, as if all this technical pieces ain’t you slice of pie than what about delving into some fun crack posts like my hunger game posts or my conspiracy theory on BTS’s Jungkook? 

But I’ll tell you right now, if you don’t like to read long pieces of trash like mine then save yourself the trouble and leave now please. No seriously, I beg, please leave. Read some better quality pieces. I’m not a scholar at writing but I write…a lot so if long posts turn you off, leave because I’ll tell you right now a lot of post probably won’t be some pictures of your biases and some text underneath worshiping the living scheiße out of them. Though I suppose if you’ve read this far then congrats!

Now, a message from our mascot:

Help me

Why’s he the mascot? Simple–brand value. I mean, the dude’s Jungkook from BTS and everyone knows that these days EVERYONE and their mother uses BTS for clout and cover-ups. Plus, it seems like he’s arguably the most popular member of BTS and thus the most recognizable so why not? The boy is properly objectified left and right so he makes the perfect mascot. Alright, well, honestly that is only part of the reason. Maybe one day I’ll write up a semi-entertaining post about why Jungkook of BTS is the mascot of this blog. For now, just look at him as a hardworking mascot despite already fecking it up within the first month of his mascot duties.

Anyways, I guess that’ll be all from me today. I gave you the why and how of the blog and even threw in a blog mascot, so I think that should be the list done, right? First post, first proper blog and I already feel like I’m failing at something, haha.

Regardless, welcome to my blog and I hope you stay for at least a post or two.