Hi guys, what’s up? I’ve finally returned with…a “weekly” K-pop review. However, let’s be real, now that it’s August and I’m gonna be starting school in a week, my posts will still be irregular but I hope I can start writing for the blog again slowly but surely. I’ll possibly go into more detail in a future post on where I stand with K-pop. For now, just come along with me for another round of the latest K-pop releases.

선미 (SUNMI) – You can’t sit with us

Well, going on hiatus for a few months to come back to this soft retro sound makes me feel like I didn’t miss much. This sound is still a trend? Anyway, the song itself…eh, I’ve heard better from Sunmi but the MV was rather entertaining.

Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) – BEcause 

Forgive me for sounding like an old fart of a fan, but I must say…I really resonated more with DC’s older sound than their recent stuff (and this includes B-sides). I still don’t mind this one (has it’s good parts!) but it’s not gonna be on repeat like Sleepwalking or Scream and etc. Also, it’s technically not an August release but I’m keeping it in on the off-chance someone actually wants to hear my opinion considering I’m a fan of DC and some people actually wanna know my opinion for some reason.

HYO 효연 – Second (Feat. 비비 (BIBI))

Song isn’t necessarily for me but I learned that it’s around the 14th anniversary of Girls’ Generation, so congrats~

Weeekly(위클리) – Holiday Party

Summer is approaching it’s end soon so they gotta get rid of those remaining summer time tracks somehow.

Weeekly(위클리) – Check It Out

This is definitely one for the fans so enjoy if you love your Weeekly girls, but if you don’t care or know ’em, then maybe the appeal of cute girls doing cute things may satisfy you over the music.

Rocket Punch – Bubble Up!

I don’t have much to say. I think you already know what it’ll sound like just by the title alone.

ASTRO(아스트로) – After Midnight

Dang, when was ASTRO’s last comeback? Feel like it’s been a while or am I wrong? Song s’alright, I guess. Not crazy about it though but could be worse.

ONEUS THEATRE : Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot!

Like DC, ONEUS has been a hit or miss for me lately and this is mostly a miss. The rap parts aren’t doing it for me, but the vocal parts are passable. I think I would’ve liked this song more if it went in a slightly different direction.

 Golden Child(골든차일드) – Ra Pam Pam

Here’s a song for all you Latin lovers.


For whatever reason, I like the sounds going on in the background (backing track, anyone?) but personally it’s not all the way there for me but a good effort.

Kim Woojin – Ready Now

Hmm, Woojin is formerly of Stray Kids, no? I remember back in ye olden days of 2019 when boy groups were losing members left and right and he was one of them (before getting himself into more trouble and degrading his reputation further). But we’re just here for the music and regardless of what you may feel for Woojin…this ain’t that half bad of a song I suppose. I don’t hate it but not headbanging to it either.

Jay Park & pH-1 – ALL IN (Prod. GroovyRoom)

Not feeling it.

[STATION] TEN 텐 – Paint Me Naked

I kept the [STATION] part in the title because songs that come out of SM Station tend to be…different from the usual SM stuff that they do in their respective groups. For a song called “Paint Me Naked,” I was expecting something different but…okay…this is alright, too. Kinda.

AKMU – EVEREST (with Sam Kim) 

I can’t really dislike this song despite it being slower (and people seem to hate slower songs like ballads for whatever reason), I would definitely listen to this if I need a calmer chill song with a dash of feel good vibes to it.

10CM – Go Back(고백)

Well, here’s another song for the chill K-pop playlist. This is in the same category as the last song (and that’s not necessarily a bad thing).

Gavy NJ(가비엔제이) – Love Story(연애소설)(2021)

This sounds like an OST from a drama. Take that as you will.

LØREN – NEED (ooo-eee)

I appreciate the rock sound in this song but it sorta numbs me. Like an “Oh, that’s nice” sorta of feeling.


I’m indifferent.

SKYLE(스카이리) – 천사의 날개를 내게줘 (FLY UP HIGH) 

I’m no music producer but I’m not sure I agree with that experimentation in the middle of a song that already doesn’t sound the greatest.

ROCOBERRY(로코베리) – THIS CITY(이 도시에는 내가 원하는 게 없어요)

This is short and rather okay so it passes.

from20(프롬트웬티) – 내가너를사랑하는것보다네가나를잊는게더빠를테니까 

I can safely say that while this is a perfectly good song and is easy on the ears, I don’t feel much for it. Pretty neutral and that’s honestly a better reaction than you’d think you’d get from the already dead inside me.

천둥 – 폭발하기 5초 전 (Feat.윤서빈)

Same here.

And that’s all for this week folks, I hope I will be able to write up another piece soon – “review” or not. Take care and have a good August!

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