Welcome to the end of January and say hello to February which I don’t have much hope for either but hey, I’ve been feeling down in the dumps more than usual this past week, so don’t take it from me. Anyway, here’s some K-pop – enjoy.

And remember, this is just the opinions of some random girl on the internet.

Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) – Odd Eye

I’m just really happy to see DC as 7 again now that Handong is back. With that said, the song isn’t Dreamcatcher’s best. I figured with the evolution of their title tracks in correlation with their growing popularity that they would take on more new sounds and I’m not 100% vibing with this one even though I feel like I should? After listening to it a few more times, it’s growing on me, but I can’t find myself 100% rocking to it. Perhaps, I’m also growing as a fan, too.

 IU(아이유) – Celebrity

IU is another one of my favourites but like DC, she also fell flat for me this time around. Again, of course, not a bad song and what she does with the melody in the chorus was interesting but it doesn’t get me swaying my head or mouthing the words (which are usual habits I have with songs I really like – don’t judge). Yeah, don’t got much else to say.

HyunA – I’m Not Cool 

To be fair, I haven’t really like any of Hyuna’s recent stuff. Her music style isn’t really my type and this isn’t much different. I’ll pass on this one. But she has a good message:

골든차일드(Golden Child) – 안아줄게(Burn It)

This is average boy group stuff. I just got a bit invested in the zombie plot so I kinda skipped around a bit…not sure that it was worth it though but they tried.

BOBBY – 야 우냐 (U MAD)

I had reservations considering the title and just his get up from the get go, but…it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought. I mean, the chorus is a bit disorienting for me and the shouting is a bit much at times but I hate to say it, but I kinda like it over the songs reviewed so far…oh no, that sounds so wrong.

王嘉爾 Jackson Wang – 一個人 Alone

Dude really didn’t waste time after leaving JYP, huh? Well, good for him but I do find the song rather boring. It’s just not my type of song.

U-KNOW 유노윤호 – Eeny Meeny

It’s alright for SM. I don’t mind it really but not much else to say.

KYUHYUN 규현 ‘마지막 날에 (Moving On)’ 

This was kinda boring for a ballad.

 DALsooobin(달수빈) – Sign

Every time I see her name, I really wonder how she came up with it. Why four o’s? Hm? Why not just two? The name is unique enough already so it wouldn’t be hard to search (unlike Saturday). Oh, yeah, I don’t have anything to say about this song besides…it’s nice.


Yeah, the song is too sappy for my current mood right now (and the video doesn’t help), but besides that not my typically song anyway so I’ll pass. Their voices are nice though.

Car, the garden(카더가든) – Doesn’t matter(아무렇지 않은 사람)


Colde – 미술관에서 The Museum

Surprisingly, the song is alright to me. I like the chill vibes it gives and the melancholic palette present visibly in the song and intangibly in the song fits me just fine right now.

Fliegen(플리겐) – Walking On the Rain

The song was verging on the average to below average range but then the band came in and dipped it even further down on the scale. Chorus isn’t it, man.

MINSEO(민서) – Who’s with me?(나랑 놀 사람)

Song s’alright – nothing too special.

젬스톤 (Gemstone) – 이별 이야기 (Sad book)

Well, you can guess by the title how this song is gonna sound like.

LambC (램씨) – Emotional

Wowee, an all English song. Well, at least it’s not the cringe English you hear in a lot of Korean to English releases K-pop groups do – guy seems rather fluent (it helps when the original is in English, too). Yeah, not too shabby. (Ah, turns out the dude went to college in Boston. That explains it).

브릭 Brick – Good Morning 

Hah, I kinda like this song for whatever reason. It’s not even that great but again, I guess this week I’m digging more mellow average songs.

김미정 yourbeagle – 왜 why (Feat. Jayci yucca) 

Can’t lie – I kinda like her name. As for the song, I don’t hate it but it’s not wholly appealing to me either. So there, not all the mellow songs are taking a shine to me.

Yu Junsang (유준상) & Lee Junwha (이준화) – Let’s Not Be (feat. Kim Hyosu(김효수))

Okay, so, uh, songs like this give me mixed emotions because the people have good intentions (I assume) but I never feel quite moved for whatever reason. Maybe the savior complex or whatever since this includes Africa and we all know Africa is the poorest of the poorest third world and they need our help. Oh, I don’t even think I need to describe the song to you – I’m sure you got an idea. Anyways, I don’t wanna totally deride their efforts though since it is nice to see.

정기고 (Junggigo) – Gravity 

Song isn’t doing it for me but more importantly, I looked this guy up and couldn’t quite believe he’s 40. Just look up his pictures and tell me that’s a 40 year old man.

Jin Minho(진민호) – Hate Love Songs(발라드가 싫어졌어)

Any song with a title dissing love songs aren’t gonna be that great themselves – it’s just a rule. Even the Korean title is ironic, “I hate ballads” (loose translation). Though to be fair, this ballad is actually okay in itself as far as ballads usually go.

[OST Section]

[자취방 마녀 OST Part 3] 시카 (Sica) – 시작해볼래

It’s alright but nothing too ear-catching.

산들 – 만져져 (I Feel You) [(She Would Never Know OST Part.2)]


Janet Suhh(자넷서) – Days to Remember (Lovestruck in the City OST Part.7)

This isn’t as impressive either.

Well, this week turned out surprising. I thought this week was going to go to Dreamcatcher or IU, people I actually really like and whose works I usually love. Yet, I had it took like 3-4 listens with DC’s song to grow on me and IU’s song is a bit disappointing unfortunately. Oh well, always next time.

I’ll leave you with a TXT video that didn’t quite fit the rest of the review since I think the Japanese version of ‘Crown’ has been out for a while? Even if not, I actually like Crown, but I can’t have TXT winning song of the week two weeks in a row…so they’re here. Anyways, take care and Happy February~

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