(Note: This post will be constantly updated as I do more of these, of course. If this is your thing than either keep coming back for more or follow me on YouTube.)

I decided that I would put up a post on my bullet journal spreads since I’m somewhat proud of them and wanted to share them on the blog, too. I have an Instagram widget on the homepage sidebar but I don’t know how many people actual pay attention to that, so here we are.

The videos are relatively short after the first one so if you have a particular one you like then just skip to that. I apologize in advance for any awkwardness on my part but I think everyone knows by now how I am a sham of a human being.

My Favourite Boy Groups: BTS and ONEUS

My Favourite Girl Group: Dreamcatcher

My BTS biases that give me many reasons to hate myself

One of my favourite B-sides (Dreamcatcher ver.): Wonderland

Songs from Solo artists: Sunmi (Gashina) and IU (Twenty-three)

Another Dreamcatcher B-side I like: Jazz Bar

Song from a disbanded group: Catallena

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