Hiya, and welcome to the third edition of this week review of Kpoppy music. This week has some releases that I think was more interesting than last week since some relevant groups came back so hopefully this will be a more tantalizing post than last week.

As always, please remember I’m not a music expert so these reviews are solely on my own subjective opinion. I don’t have any technical musical knowledge outside the being in middle school band. But without further ado, to the reviews~

For those who are curious on my favourite song of the week, just check who’s the header image.

Note: Please inform me if I miss anything. I don’t review every song, of course, but the two songs right after this (TXT and STAYC) I missed last week and it sorta kills me if I miss songs from prominent groups like that. So, just hit me up on Twitter or leave a comment here if I miss a rather important song. Thank you!

TXT – 날씨를 잃어버렸어

A coronavirus song that’s s’alright. I mean, it’s not up there with their like Run Away or even Blue Hour (which is so-so in itself but kinda grew on me). You’re not missing much if you decide to skip this song.


The melody has those vague future bass sounds you hear in those kawaii uwu songs though you may not hear it at first. I can’t lie that while I do like the music, the vocals are kinda meh to me. Meaning, I felt like the vibes of the song doesn’t really match the singing for me. Perhaps I’m too used to those tiny-voiced uwuwu Japanese girls singing over this kinda melody instead.


First time I listen to it, I was kinda meh but on the second/third listen, it’s not too bad. At worst, it’s your average K-pop girl group song that is expected from a big company group so of course, it ain’t gonna be horrible. On the other hand, I dock points because I wanted less Aya ya ya ya ya ya yas and more snakes. Plus, I wanted more AI action, ain’t that their all schtick?

BTS – Life Goes On

So like, this gave me fan song vibes when I first listened to it especially at the end when they’re on stage. It really sorta screamed, “This is for you, our beloved borahae ARMYs~~~~~” I mean, it’s kinda not farfetched. Anyways, this may be unpopular but at best this song is pretty…average. Like, not horrible, but not good, but maaaaaaybe something I’d listen to again if Spotify for some reason snuck it into my playlist while I was on a drive and cause I’m on the highway I have to be a responsible driver so I’d be forced to sit through it this song of 3 minutes and 50 seconds of non-offensiveness that’s something you’d definitely hear in a Korean café on repeat because it just came out and the owner doesn’t know what else to put on but everyone loves BTS, right??

Yeah…anyway, best part of the MV was the fact that V was the opening shot. Worst part, Suga’s rapping (dude, I used to like your rapping, what happened…? Oh…)

Dreamcatcher – No More

I just loved the juxtaposition of BTS’s Life Goes On with Dreamcatcher’s No More. It fits, Life Goes on no more…which is how I feel on a daily basis.

Anyways, Dreamcatcher cleansed me of BTS’s milquetoast offerings (especially after listening to BE) and brought us their usual but goodie sound that really sounds like it’s some summoning song that bewitches the beast inside of us to come out and join the Insomnia fandom with head banging to boot. So yeah, I liked it.

Also, the video I found (sorry people on my stream, found it already uploaded afterwards) is one that kinda confuses me but it’s on Pony Canyon’s official channel so I’m going with it. And it has Gahyeon in it, soooo…

LOONA – Star (Eng. Version)

I have already reviewed this song in my LOONA 12:00 review but I will put this in here because it’s LOONA and the MV is great eye candy potential. In that review, I was a bit harsh on it, saying I didn’t really feel much for the song (despite rating it above a 6 lol), but that was my feelings than, now it definitely has grown on me and definitely has me dancing in my seat. The retro vibes might actually win it over again here.

모모랜드(MOMOLAND) – Ready Or Not

Momoland’s back! After all the stuff they’ve gone through, too. One of the people said on my stream that the filter is so white you can’t even see the girl’s noses and my god. Anyways, I give the song credit for being upbeat. It definitely tries to have that quirkiness that Momoland is known for but I can’t quite get behind the song. It seems like a grower though.

Weki Meki(위키미키) – The Girls Running on the SANMAGIYET-GIL(산막이옛길을 달리는 소녀)

The title is long and the song feels equally long. I was confused because it’s only like two girls in the video – where is the rest of Weki Meki? It’s a very cute video though honestly and how many of us girls wouldn’t like a girls’ day outing with our bestie – oh wait, I hate people, nevermind.

TAEMIN 태민 ‘안아줄래 (Think Of You)’

My dude Taemin sneaking into the weekly review with 12 hours to spare. He saw my stunning review last week and saw he took 2nd place so he wanted another shot. Well, sorry sir, but this one doesn’t hit me like IDEA did. Plus, setting a bad example in this time of COVID by frolicking around France without a mask (note: apparently this MV was most likely shot last year, but I rest my case).


Not really my cup of tea. He tries, so I give him props for being solo. I feel like he’s trying to be someone but I can’t put my finger on it. G-Dragon? Hmmm. He kinda gave me Seventeen vibes and I have no idea why, haha. Old One Direction if they rapped?? Ugh, I can’t quite figure it out – someone help me.

CNBLUE (씨엔블루) – 과거 현재 미래 (Then, Now and Forever)

An older group that I guessed being the neophyte I am missed their height of fame. They’re one of the groups that have an actual authentic band concept, right (looking at you, past AOA)? This song does pick up and I do appreciate whenever a song utilizes some ACTUAL drums and guitar, but still not quite there for me. Probably cause I need it to go harder; otherwise – it’s chill.


One sentiment that I agreed with from one of my followers on stream who put it succinctly, “Liked the mv, not the song.”


Same applies here.


Sorry Henry, but I couldn’t help but get distracted by my own thoughts as I was listening to this. Lookin’ good though.

Bling Bling(블링블링) _ G.G.B

We got a debut, guys! Poor girls, overshadowed by AESPA up there. Does it make sense if I say the song sounds incomplete? Like there’s music, right? But there’s also this emptiness that’s kinda subtle. Has potential but falls on average at best.

BTOB 4U(비투비 포유) _ Show Your Love

BTOB…they another group that was popular but I missed that? Well, I was expecting it to be a slow quiet RnB song so it being pretty upbeat is a nice surprise. Still not totally vibing with it but I give it 6/10 rating.

DRIPPIN(드리핀) – Shine

Still think about how these poor boys have to carry the name of DRIPPIN. I almost want to give them pity points for this song, but I won’t despite how meh this song is.

P1Harmony (피원하모니) – SIREN

This song technically came out a few weeks ago BUT this performance video came out just a few days ago, so it can slide. I actually feel like I could have liked this song if it had been executed differently. They just debuted so we’ll see what they come up with next.

LUCY – 선잠 (Snooze)

Man, I was tricked. I thought this was going to be a girl named Lucy but it’s four dudes – what? They do have a band concept and a dude with a violin so all is forgiven. Actually, I feel like the violin does wonders with the chorus and helps carry the song a bit while even getting it’s own solo part towards the end (3:30 for all you violin maniacs). Not bad to me. Not bad at all. (Yes, I’m being biased cause of the violin – sue me).

 이비채 – uglypet

Ok, found this through Twitter and first thing you may notice – holy scheisse, she definitely doesn’t fit the usual K-pop standards. It’s not really a song I’d groove, too, but it may appeal to one of you out there so I hope you enjoy. God, good luck to her knowing what the internet’s Korean society is like.

코드 쿤스트,잔나비 최정훈,사이먼 도미닉 – 사라진 모든 것들에게(with ELLE KOREA)

Dude, this is 10 minute dramatised advertisement for a beauty media company in Korea. Song starts 3 minutes in and I’m not entirely sure it was worth the wait honestly. If you’re interested in the drama, it starts up again at 6 minutes in (w/o music). Last minute and a half is just credits. Wow.


Well, I like the diversity. Yup.

BAE173 _ Crush on U(반하겠어)

Another debut alert! I like the smooth sound of the guitar when it decides to slide in but is it bad when I say I can’t quite get into this song too much because these boys are basically fetuses and that’s a bit distracting especially when they pop up in their school uniforms. Can never look at these type of videos without being reminded of this post.

Raina(레이나), NADA(나다) _ Piggyback Ride(어부바) (Live Ver.)

 The song doesn’t do much for me honestly but it’s nice to see Raina do something again since I thought she was done with the industry. I only know her from Orange Caramel and basically missed when they were relevant in the industry. Sad.

KyoungSeo(경서) – Shiny Star(밤하늘의 별을)(2020)

It starts with a couple doing cutsey things with each other – how do you think this song is gonna go? Guess then click to see if you’re right.

Jukjae(적재) – Shining, My 2006(반짝 빛나던, 나의 2006년)

The last song and this song has the year in it for some reason. To be fair to this guy, the song ain’t my style but after the year this turned out to be, I can excuse anyone for nostalgically looking back at old times – you could make it more entertaining though, my dude.


I think I may have missed this one last week…oh well, it’s not really worth putting it up with the other ones I missed last week. A bit too angsty for me and not in the right way.

 Sandeul (산들) – Lonesome Diary (어른 일기)

This is an OST I believe. It honestly sounds pretty forgettable, but I guess it’s supposed to blend in as background for the drama so it’s supposed to not be so bombastically attention-grabbing but golly, can’t that step outta that boundary and try something new?

 GB9(길구봉구) – If I knew(알았다면)

I know it’s supposed to fit the style but these men actually look real sad especially the one with the beard. It makes me feel sad. I give them pity points even the song isn’t completely vibing with me. It’s alright (pity).

withus(위더스) – 도깨비

I believe this is another debut and a rather low-budget one at that. It’s…not that good. Yet, I’m sure these boys are just really happy to at least debut with something. Don’t blame the idols, blame the company (who are probably too poor to afford anything else).

[BALLAD] Youth Library(청춘도서관) – The night I drew you(너를 그린 밤) (Feat. 예빈(YAEBIN)

Another one you can guess just by the title and thumbnail alone.

WOOGIE – PARADISE (Feat. ROMderful & punchnello) (Visualizer)

Sound like a waterdown laidback tropical melody that will lull you to sleep for the wrong reasons.

Brown tigger(브라운티거) _ Boosta mode (feat. Skull, Koonta)

The song had me for a second with their unique voices, but it’s definitely not my style. The MV alone shook my poor little Catholic heart. Holy water for all of you.

웬디 (WENDY) – 두 글자 [스타트업 OST]

OST from the same drama as Lonesome Diary up there and I feel no different about this song.

Lacuna (라쿠나) – 춤을 춰요 (Dancing in the rain)

I was hoping it would be quite rocking but it took too long to get to that point so major points off as I thought I would fall asleep. I’ve reviewed too many songs at this point so I need something to grab my attention quickly.

H:CODE(에이치코드) – A night full of you(나의 밤) (Feat. Jeon Sang Keun(전상근)

At this point, I’m pretty done.

PARK JIHOON(박지훈) _ Midnight (Love Revolution(연애혁명) OST Part.2)

I give this one credit for not being the usual honeysuckle sweet yet somehow still draggingly dreary OST. The best out of the OSTs I’ve reviewed this week easily.

Low – MOVE [with CHILLY]


창모 (CHANGMO) – 광장동에서

7 minutes…why? Cause it’s another story-line drama. The song starts and stops throughout the MV which is…not great since the song isn’t enough for me to forgive that.

That’s all, folks. I’m done. I think I reviewed more songs than I did the last two weeks and I’m not sure rather I’ll continue that but I do like discovering new artists and putting this list together so we’ll see. I’m not that consistent unfortunately, so only time will tell. For now, I hope you enjoyed the review, and I’ll see you next week hopefully.

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