Hello. I’ve come with another blog post for my loyal readers. I’m finally starting to get into the swing of really doing some more hands-on research. Despite the fact that I’m only in South Korea for another month. Yet, that’s okay! I can still do my research and posts of K-pop to the best of my ability and hope I can still post semi-regularly. Fingers crossed.

This post is dedicated to just linking those who who want to take my survey over on Google Forms. If anyone has experience using other survey making sites, please recommend them to me since Google Forms is all I know.

Admittedly, the survey does center around BTS, so it may be best to avoid this survey. I plan to make more research surveys in the future that cater to other K-pop related topics, so stay tuned for that!

When you’re ready to take the quiz, just click on the awkward family photo of BTS below. Really, some of the members look as if they’re being held at gun point to pose and smile for the picture. This may be you during the survey, but I promise, I didn’t make it that painful. I hope.

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