Hello Hello, and happy Easter everyone! Since the last Hunger Games, the world has become enflamed with the virus that shall not be named and I thought it was time for another K-pop Hunger Games to cheer your spirits up during lockdown. I’m not sure about you guys, but since I’m in America where 97% of the population is on some kinda lockdown, things have been pretty dicey here. While there are some great acts of kindness here and there, there have also been some despicable acts.

For real, besides the stories you’ve probably heard of people scuffling over a pack of toilet paper, there are incidents where a people are purposefully spoiling groceries by going into stores and coughing on and licking the food. It’s disgusting.

But I won’t dwell on that much since you came here to see idols mercilessly merking each other to forget the state of the world we’re in and I hope I can deliver. Forgive me for the delay, but despite being on lockdown, I still have college work to do. Whack, I know, but procrastination is a beautiful thing when done right, so it’s a win-win for all of us.

If you don’t want to go through the whole post because trust me, it’s a looong one, there is a tldr at the bottom of the page. It’s just a nicely compacted summary of what happened in the games focusing on who died and by whom. So enjoy that if you have no patience or time to read through 10 days of torture.

Without further ado, onto the 3rd Hunger Games!

{The Districts}

Districts 1 & 2: BTS

As usual, I kept the districts in the same order as the previous games except for a few differences down the line. Nothing has changed with BTS’s district except: MASKS!

That’s right boys and girls, in times like these, one has to practice good hygienic manners and being idols, of course, they must set an example for us plebs. So, for this game, you’ll see your favorite idols donning masks because we all need to practice good safety measures to combat the virus that must not be named.

The only one not wearing a mask in this district is ARMY. I tried looking for a personified version of ARMY with a mask on but the ones I found were formatted in a way that was rejected by WordPress so whatever I guess. To be honest, the girl representing ARMY don’t look the type to bother wearing a mask anyway. Doesn’t she look like a Karen?

Anyway, all the boys are wearing a mask and that’s what matters. What? What about Jungkook? And J-hope? I mean…those are masks in their own right, we just don’t discriminate here on my blog. Thank you very much. We won’t be maskists here.

None of the boys really were that impressive in the last games so let’s see if they can even get that far in this time. A sentence I said last time too and one I will stick with.

District 3: TXT

Previously, districts 3 and 4 held the TWICE girls, but since Momo won the last game, they are freed from this hell and another shall take their place. This time, I brought in the rookies: the group, that will forever be in BTS’s shadow and always will have an inferiority complex over it, TXT!

Do you know how flipping hard it was to find pictures of these boys in masks? Does BigHit keep them in the dungeon because I swear I only found them wearing masks in like one of those mini little photoshoots idols are subjected to when they go to and from at the airport. And even then, only two of them are wearing proper face masks because once again WordPress hated the other pictures. But like I said, we don’t discriminate here even if their health is at risk. Being the Hunger Games, they have more troubling things to worry about.

Also, I really hope I got the boys right. Look, I pay no attention to TXT. I think I even got Taehyun and Beomgyu mixed up at one point during set up. This group and the next one were a bit difficult and if I made a mistake in either group please tell me.

District 4: ITZY

Now we have the rookies of JYP and TWICE’s sister group, ITZY. Again, I don’t know ITZY like at all like that which I think I will be persecuted for more than TXT since I have a handful of friends that seem to worship ITZY.

Actually, because I do actually want to know more about these groups due to the nature of my writing, this has inspired a new blog series, but we will see if that comes to fruition when I get the time. Curse school.

Also, I’m pretty sure I got the ITZY girls screwed up specifically Yeji and Lia. The masks really don’t help because a lot of these idols look the same when wearing them. Yes, even your faves. Hell, even BTS trips me up sometimes so please don’t drag me too much.

District 5: LOONA

Once again, the LOONA girls take the stage to stab at their chance to take the title of Hunger Games champion.

This time, I replaced two of the members, Yeojin and Gowon, with Olivia Hye and Kim Lip. Mainly because it was time to switch up the line-up especially since LOONA has 12 members. Last time I mentioned I might give them two districts but forgot about that, haha…ha.

But that’s okay! Because for larger groups, I will be rotating members occasionally, so no need to worry about your fave not showing up. He or she will probably in a future game and then you can see him or her repeatedly stab other idols viciously with sais.

District 6: Monsta X

Monsta X is back. Back again. Back with Minhyuk and that’s all I gotta say.

Though is it just me, or does Kihyun remind anyone of the one meme of that guy on his phone?

District 7: K-pop “Influencers” Gang

Last time around, this district was filled with members of the critically acclaimed Korean film, Parasite. But now I have brought back the “K-pop Lovers” as I called them in the first game.

I have now changed their title and their id pictures to reflect what I have seen them use on social media. I have also included a blog writer that I have found enjoyable, Car Door Guy’s Girl, who is completely new to the games so everyone be nice to her, okay? Be gentle.

As always, I also want to emphasis that I do NOT dislike any of these people. I think some people might believe I do since a couple of them are known to be controversial figures on the interwebs and if I’m a hater then of course I would love to see them destroy each other…but no. I actually root for them.

Anyways, follow all these people (excluding AS). Up to you.

District 8: Red Velvet

Not much to say about Red Velvet. Though as of the time of this writing, we finally got news of Wendy being discharged from the hospital which is a yay. I do hope that she’ll recover well but time as yet to tell what will become of her.

If she does recover fully and goes back to her idol duties then perhaps I will include her in the next game. If not, that’s chill, too.

District 9: BLACKPINK

I thank god BLACKPINK only has 4 members. Makes things easier for me since I don’t have to pick and choose which member will sit this out because it’s a shame not to include some members of the group in this glorious battle to the death, y’know?

District 10: Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher’s original line-up is back since Dami and Siyeon didn’t make the cut this time and Handong is in China so her appearance doesn’t make sense here. Also, I found it would be a bit confusing to have Siyeon specifically in this game since I used a picture of her for Asian Junkie back in District 7.

Once again, Jiu is the only member of Dreamcatcher to be in all three games but I think I will let her sit out for the next one. She’s been through a lot.

District 11: The Soloists

So the soloists all are back, but what’s this!

Do my eyes deceive me, but it appears a wild Wonho has appeared. That’s right, ladies and gents, if you haven’t heard the news already, Wonho is apparently making his comeback as a soloist under a subsidiary of his old company, Starship. The news came out when I was in the middle of setting up this game so I thought it was only right to bring him back albeit as a soloist this time.

Monsta X fans, rejoice! Because your buff bunny has returned to showbiz.

District 12: The CEOs

And then, we have these feckers. Finding masks for these guys would’ve been hard as hell and I was reaching my limit so I didn’t even bother. But please, enjoy the new meme pictures of them.

Finally, onto the actual games.

The game starts of rather tame with some idols working together to gather supplies which is nice but not gonna last.

This rookie knows where it’s at

And then this happens. The first death of the game is by the spurned yet-to-be soloist, Wonho. This makes me question rather it was such a good idea to bring this musclehead bunny into the game.

Speaking of bunnies, the bunny of BTS is killed off by a rookie. And so quickly. Shame because in the last Hunger games he was literally the last male remaining. Disappointing. And then there’s Kihyun being an OG protecting Seulgi. My faith in men is slightly restored.

I’m watching these rookies closely. If Ryujin is anything to go by, they’re dangerous

By the way, before these games, I didn’t even know what sais were, so here’s a picture of some sais that I found on the interwebs.

Moving on…

Alexa, play TXT’s Run Away
Another death, another life
Siyeon (AJ) grabbing a sword is accurate

With the bloodbath over, we can finally get to the first day. God, it already feels like a lots happened. Hang tight with me, folks. It’s kinda a long ride.

What a start

I mean, if Kpopalypse really looked like that, besides being hated by like half the k-pop internet and the whole collective of Monbebes, I would understand why Taehyun would stalk him, but…it’s a trap.

Poor Yoohyeonie didn’t stand a chance.

Can I just say that Jennie lowkey scares me. I like her, despite the controversy surrounding her but I’ve seen things. Also, there’s just V, chilling. This will be a pattern.

Soobin, teaming up with the vets of the competition. Smart, I guess.

Disturbing. I thought JYP was more attracted towards older women…am I wrong?

Trying to avenge Lisa I see

Asian Junkie done messed up. But why are they going to these K-pop “influencers” begging them to kill them? Do AJ and AS look like killers?

And there goes RM and Gahyeon. RIP to the adorable DC maknae. Um, same to RM I guess?

Quietly ending the day with archery

Time to check district statuses after the first day. I’m only taking a look at districts that have lost members so if you don’t see the district then all their members are still intact and safe and sound.

BTS ain’t looking to shabby. The members with the more “special” masks were the first to go so I guess that says something. Also, lost their leader…

Only Olivia Hye is out for the count with Mama Lip stealing a kill.

Districts 9-11 have been hit hard and that hurts me to see especially with district 10 but it is what it is. And geez, I always root for IU in these things but she never seems to get that far either and the one time she did…well, we know what happened.

SOMEHOW, the only CEO that has died is Lee Soo Man and that was by his own doing. What are we doing here, people? I thought we were eating the rich??

The night starts quietly.

Still quiet and still
Sing-a-long night
Warm togetherness
And compassion
And possibly a new ship emerges

What the hell. This night was too…too chill. Like I thought this was the Hunger Games, not the freaking Teletubbies. Why’s everyone getting along so well? It’s creepy. Let’s just move on to the next day.

Second day–start! And it already looks so thrilling…

First the raiders

Well, all that sickly sweet buddy-buddiness flew right out the window when you ran outta resources, huh? I knew it wouldn’t last.

Then we got the stalkers

I only wanted to share this picture because seeing Asian Junkie and Kpopalypse working together after so long and despite their little love-hate relationship is quite heart-warming even if it is in a battle royalesque every man for himself death game, but eh, you take what you get.

And the day ends with this shady fecker killing poor Yeji. I don’t scream. But if I was making my way through the underbrush of some dark woods alone and a man with the body shape of a frumpy egg yet as small as a troll jumped me attempting to kill me, you’d best believe I would be screaming bloody murder.

I’m sorry, this night is also quite quiet
IRL they do like each other so I will accept this

Yeah, I’mma just skip to what you need to know. This post is long enough already with the filler content.

Poor fecker

Onwards to day 3~

The hunt is on
What a pussy, Chaeryeong ain’t that scary, sir

Ah, we lose one of the older dudes. I commend him for lasting this long. When he climbed that tree back there, I was colored impressed. May he rest in peace, the feminista.

Girl Power
Just the usual
Night 3, girls just chilling
Sparing her Rosé’s bandmates, accurate
Ah, these rookies
The two Jins
Yeonjun x Minhyuk anyone?
The night ends with a quick but quite snapping of the neck
Telling ya, these idols are a force to be reckon with
*gasp* the mother-son combo finally
You know what, let’s just ignore these people
And um, these people
Is this an analogy for what YG is doing to Rosé’s career?
You know what…I totally forgot you existed sir.

No really, last time we saw this old man he was running away like a scared baby from one of the ITZY girls, Chaeryeong. I know he’s like the smollest BTS member but you’ve lost my respect man.

These two are something
Well, this was sudden
Story of my life

The beginning of day 5 starts with some more idol togetherness as two rookies hook up with a veteran for a threesome show of hunting other tributes. If that sentence didn’t give you pause than I’m not trying hard enough.

ARMY kills Joy as V once again just there contemplating who’s taken care of Yeontan, his dog, while he is going through this hell.


Another two that are at opposite ends of the spectrum

And if you thought that was awful, these people were only just beginning.

I really don’t know exactly what was in the water on day 5, but for whatever reason, these idols just went ham and started duking it out with each other. Freaking Suga just betrayed Soobin. So much for that sunbae-hoobae brother relationship ARMYs and…what’s TXT’s fandom? Well, whatever, point is, TXT’s leader got merked by a BTS boy desperate to keep his position as one of BigHit’s best boys.

..that doesn’t sound wrong at all.

The day ends rightfully with Jisoo questioning her sanity. Me too, Jisoo, me too.

Night 5 starts once again relatively calm

Then we have a whole freaking coalition coming together to topple JYP. Honestly, with CEO Bang or more commonly known as CEO Bongo (drums?), V, his lackey, and ARMY, a literal ARMY that worships not only the boys but their company, it’s no wonder JYP fell. I don’t know how or why Lia and Jisoo became involved but both were probably sadly coerced into it by the other three. Poor girls.

Meanwhile, we have Jin snuggling it up with another CEO. Betrayal at it’s finest. Disturbing. And then we have his girl sadly being murdered by two men–what she do to piss these guys off? Rest in peace.

And finally, Ryujin, the one ITZY girl that sorta gained my respect for offing a dude like Jungkook, sadly passed away. She shall be missed as well.

Day6! Day6? Yes, Day6, a band that I would sneakily plug in right here for you guys to listen to, if I did listen to them. But I don’t. But they’re alright, I guess? Anyone a fan?

Again, ARMY strikes and kills a poor hapless Jisoo while V is again just vibing and during the most mundane thing you could do in these games. Like, dude, what’re you doing? This is twice now you let ARMY just do what she wants without consequences!

Oh, another great analogy to reality.

The rest of the day is just them minding their own business and doing their own things for the most part. Also, I think the imagery conjured up by Bongo running away from Taemin is just so funny.

Cute. Just cute.

Oh My GOD…that is disgusting. I know it’s for warmth but I’d freeze rather than huddle up to that man.

…oh, and ARMY died too. M’kay.

Lots of sparing going around

Lord, I know Jennie gets all the attention in BLACKPINK and we’re all waiting for that Rosé solo but AS killing Jennie seems accurate and inaccurate at the same time. It would make more sense of Rosé was still alive, buuuut…

I guess this is karm for AS because her son dies shortly afterwards. Shame. May he rest in peace despite doing feck all this round.

And finally, Lia takes her chance to shine as a capable tribute. Though minus some points since she waited until Seulgi’s back was turned. That’s low, man.

And now, since it’s been a week into the games, it is time for another status update. I included all the districts this time for obvious reasons.

Well, well, well. The only ones left alive in BTS’s district are the oldest ones. Guess elder power works here? Though in reality, both of these guys woulda been nuked so fast, you would’ve have had time to blink. Because one is a false maknae that never grew up yet is filled with so many dad jokes you begin to question–what is reality? While the other is a can’t be bothered ajusshi whose only passion lies in music and how far will that get you in the Hunger Games?

Meanwhile, the younger brother group of BigHit, somehow is surviving with all members except for their leader who as we recall was killed by Suga. Somehow Yeonjun and Taehyun have lived this long without killing anyone. I don’t know if that’s impressive or disappointing or both. Depends on how you look at it.

Half of ITZY is out for the count. Chaeryeong is also a rookie that has killed no one yet so we’ll see. But Lia…well, I’m surprised. I can’t say much because I don’t know these girls that well, but she honestly seems on the quieter side…or maybe she’s like one of those members you know is there but don’t pay any attention to them really until they say or do something that leaves you feeling like wtf?

Sad. LOONA is also down two girls but we’ll see how the other two do as the game progresses.

Jesus. Monsta X got totally wiped out. No survivors left here, my friends. Let’s move on.

The only one left alive is AustralianSana in this group. I suppose with a picture like that, one can’t help but feel we’re in the presence of one badass female bent on a revenge agenda to set the record straight. What a movie that would be especially if it was conducted Kill Bill-style against the legion known as ARMY.

Not gonna lie, I like Red Velvet, but I don’t think they’ve done much in this game. They honestly just seem to be “here” if you know what I mean. I guess that’s good? But usually in the Hunger Games, if you try to stay quiet, you end up getting bit and forced into action, so be careful, girls.

BLACKPINK is totally out for the count this time as well. Shame shame. Lisa didn’t even stand a chance since she was the first death this round. I hope that she is able to show a better and fiercer side to her in the next games. Same goes for the rest of the girls.

Dreamcatcher is still in it to win it with two members left. SuA proving she still got it despite sitting out for the last game. Jiu as well as been pretty impressive with 2 kills. Yeah, I really think she’ll sit out for the next game if I remember that is.

Another district with half the members gone. It’s just Taemin and Sunmi left alive with the latter honestly being like Red Velvet and not showing much this time around. Not much else to say about this district besides good luck. Though I am a bit disappointed Wonho didn’t proceed further but I guess this is what you get for outright killing Lisa in cold blood and taking the first kill. The first kill is always cursed, mates, remember that.

A week later and only one more CEO is dead. Arguably, the two worst CEOs are still at it with 2 kills each which is quite discomforting. Let’s just hope that for once, these idols will stick up for themselves and sacrifice these old creepy men. Please?

And with that, back to the games.

Speaking of…
Jiu and Taehyun viciously defending their territory

Not much happens this night and despite having pictures, I will just skip to the next day because this post is long enough already.

Though I will leave this here.


The sun arises on one lone girl on top of a hill above the rest of the tributes. Her sun-kissed orange-brown hair cascades over her shoulders as she witnesses the carnage and cold calculated killings taking place below.

Wow, what a betrayal. Suga especially, the dude is a literal backstabber

Oh, an RV member finally did something and to Sunmi no less. Wooow. ‘Bout time.

On the other hand, Yeonjun, this dude, this dude kill two young women in cold blood. Scary.

HOW are you STIll ALIVE???

I guess there was something in the water again because there was no solidarity tonight either as tribute after tribute fell to the darkness of death.

On the other side, we have the ones not engaged in that tomfoolery and just chilling with each other. Though I don’t know how Yeonjun can hang out with Suga after that whole backstab but hey, Yeonjun seems to be in the same league as him so birds of a feather flock together, eh?

*Le gasp* We have entered the time of The Feast. Do you know what that means? It means it’s time to cross your fingers and toes and hope your bias wasn’t an idiot and stumbled back to the cornucopia because let’s be real, he or she’ll most likely die.

Well, the only ones we lost was Yeonjun (eh) and AustralianSana who was quite rudely and disturbingly killed in a savage fashion by Suga, the backstabber. It’s a bit fitting, honestly. At least, I can see plenty of ARMYs cheer in unison at her slaying, but for me, it’s sad to see such a champion go. Can someone please get Suga? He’s proving to be problematic.

Ah, there we go. And interestingly, with that, all the remaining BTS members are dead as Jin wasn’t too smart to stay alive after that.

Okay, but Taemin, you can stop now.

And with that, ladies and gents, is where I pause the game to ask you to place your bets. Because guess what? The next image reveals the winner of the 3rd round of the Hunger Games. Whoooh~

Who’s it gonna be? Who’s it gonna be? Are your bets casted? Will it be Yeri? The underdog who honestly hasn’t really done much this round? Will it be Taemin, a man who has been called a mochi in his own right but was anything but, or will it be Mama Kim Lip who despite being a pretty good tribute was begging to be killed the day before?

Well, people…it is…

It culminated into a all out fist fight and Taemin emerged triumphant. What a way to end it all.

This dude got 5 kills. He wasn’t playing.

As per usual, since Taemin won this round, the soloist district shall retire for the time being until the time comes to bring them back. It’s kind of a shame because I was hoping to see Wonho make more appearances but Taemin just HAD to win.

I’ve also realized that it really is the ones you least suspect to win these things. Because Taemin? SHINee Taemin? The one who is perhaps the softest member but has the duality of a broad-edged sword? Hmm. Well, I guess we can only wait until next time to see who will win.

This was perhaps the longest of the Hunger Games, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you couldn’t be bothered going through the post so below is the TL;DR summary. Mind you, it only highlights the deaths but I think that’s sufficient. See you next time, folks~

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