Hi guys, so this is a bit late because this past weekend I was prepping and stressing for a conference I was in on Sunday. It was an online conference centered around BTS and I presented my video essay on BTS World: Cultivating Parasocial Relationships which is a blog piece (initially) as well. Check it out if you got time. Somehow I was not attacked and insulted by ARMYs since I felt I was an outlier in my BTS opinions. Yay~ More importantly, I learned a lot on how to improve my research and opinions. Thanks everyone.

Anyways, onwards to this week’s K-pop selection.

ENHYPEN (엔하이픈) ‘Drunk-Dazed’ 

It’s average. I don’t have much to say about it besides that it’s kinda catch at some points (namely the chorus).

AB6IX (에이비식스) ‘감아 (CLOSE)’


Highlight(하이라이트) – NOT THE END(불어온다)

Weirdly, I didn’t mind this song. I’d listen to it again.

GIANT PINK 자이언트핑크 ‘어때 (Come Closer) (Feat. Woody)’

Talking about Kpopalypse with my chat on stream was more interesting than what was going on in this MV. I get easily distracted…

ITZY – 마.피.아. In the morning

Well, the outfits and hair are nice…

B1A4 – 10 TIMES

I get strong chill hippie vibes from this song. It’s alright. I can’t complain too much really.


Sounds like something I’ve heard before in Western pop that I don’t particularly like.

BIBI(비비) – Birthday Cake

A very short song that made me feel a bit uncomfortable in the end if I’m honest. I believe I got the message though.

Amber Liu – vegas 

I don’t got much to say here honestly.

Bumkey(범키) – The Lady (Feat. Moon Byul(문별) of MAMAMOO(마마무))

Ditto here. Though the song sounds exactly how you’d expect a song from Moonbyul and Bumkey would sound.

온앤오프 (ONF) – 춤춰 (Ugly Dance) 

Not the worst boy group song I’ve heard lately but still not a taker.

eAeon(이이언) – Don’t(그러지 마)(feat. RM)

The song is kinda meh.

유민 U-MIN – YOU&I 

Not bad, not bad.

헤이걸스 (HEYGIRLS) – ‘아이쿠’ (I cook) 

I felt pretty numb listening to this song.

HOT ISSUE(핫이슈) – GRATATA(그라타타)

This song brought up similar emotions as the last one.

페노메코 (PENOMECO) – 불면증 (Insomnia)

I was more interested in the story of the MV than the song itself actually.

 NORAZO(노라조) – Vegetable(야채)

This song was more interested than 90% of the songs I’ve covered in the last month at least.

And that’s all folks! I will try to get back on track this week now that I’m not dying and my nerves aren’t shot. See you soon~

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