Right, let’s just get into it, yeah? I don’t believe anyone reads the beginning blurb anyway. Onwards~

Apink(에이핑크) – Thank you(고마워)

Well, since this is for their 10th anniversary, it’s clearly a fan song. I hope all Apink stans enjoy this video and how far the girls have gotten (considering just how few girl groups get this far).

TWICE -「Kura Kura」

A typical TWICE song. But…in Japanese.

DAY6 – You make Me

I don’t have much to say here honestly.

SEVENTEEN – ひとりじゃない

So this is a pandemic song to remind you that yes, we’re not alone and can still remain sane together.

MONSTA X 「Flavors of love」

It’s cute but not too into if if I’m being honest.


As they say in the song, I found this: eh.

YESUNG 예성 – Phantom Pain

It’s a simple RnB ballad that I feel I normally would like, but perhaps cause K-pop has been lackluster for me of late, but I can’t quite get behind this one 100%.

GreatGuys(멋진녀석들)-[Touch By Touch]

I don’t got much to say about the song honestly. S’alright.

Lim Seo Won(임서원) – Shoulder Dance(어깨춤)

Seems that this kid is a trot singer and actually has been in this business for a bit. Must say, I did feel pretty weird when she was staring at us through the mirror before winking at us. She’s cute though and the song is also okay, I suppose…

 SORAN(소란) – Be with me(있어주면)

The usual ballad with an somewhat interesting MV.


Well, I kinda messed up. This fits more with my J-pop “review” posts since this group came out of the Japanese version of Produce 101. But oh well, the post for this week as already been published and it’s here now, so enjoy a cameo from the Japan Produce 101 boys.


This is about the same as the last song so skip if that wasn’t your vibe.

LambC (램씨) – Fortune Teller (Feat. 스텔라장) 

I don’t even know what to really say about this song. It has mellow indie vibes with a chorus that is literally just “by the way” repeated over and over again. If you like that then this song is for you.

YunGGI (윤끼) – Overdose 

Yeah, I’ll pass.

So another rather lackluster week. I don’t know, man. Maybe I should take a couple weeks off from K-pop because a lot of songs lately just don’t hit with me anymore. Or is it just most songs really are just lacking these days? Hmm, not sure, but regardless I’ll do my best to come back next week. Bye bye~

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