Hi all. It’s time for another round of K-pop “reviewing.” This week actually has a sizeable chunk of people that may interest you, so read on and see how none of them really got past the “average” rating. I don’t know, guys…I think I’m hitting a dry spell with K-pop because everything just sounds “meh” to me these days. Maybe I should take a break?

SuperM 슈퍼엠 ‘We DO’

Honestly…I would rather have “Joppin” because at least that was amusing even if it wasn’t the best song. This is kinda just cookie cutter boring to me. At least the boys look fresh though.

Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) ‘Eclipse’

Dreamcatcher, I still like you girls a lot (though I have had little time for y’all), but this is a pretty generic sounding anime opening/ending. And apparently it’s for a rather average gacha game called “King’s Raid.” Aiya…

ROSÉ – ‘Gone’ 

I guess this is better than her last song, but this also sounds like it’s been done many times before with the only difference that this is a Rose creation (sorry, to lazy to put that accent aigu).

CHANYEOL 찬열 ‘Tomorrow’ 


WENDY 웬디 ‘When This Rain Stops’

This is again rather generic.

문수진 (Moon Sujin) – 저 달 (Feat. 태일 TAEIL of NCT)

I actually really like her voice and the set design, so maybe that’s why even though this ain’t that special, I like it better than Rose and Wendy’s song up there which I put in the same category as “meh.” Oh, Taeil? He’s alright, too, I guess.

Amber Liu – neon feat. PENIEL 

The video starts with mock stand up return that lasts almost a minute…so…didn’t exactly leave me impressed. It’s interesting that Amber dropped this rather unexpectedly, but not really my vibe, so pass.

NiziU(니쥬) 2nd Single 『Poppin’ Shakin’』

The only thing I was thinking of while listening to this song was “I wonder what happens to the sweets and goodies because the girls sure as hell ain’t eating all that or even getting a bite.”

STAYC(스테이씨) – ASAP

I guess I’m an old fuddy duddy but I don’t get STAYC’s hype because their last song and this song are just average to me? I mean, it’s not bad, but hmmm…

유키카(YUKIKA) – Insomnia

This is probably the best song this week so far. There isn’t even much going on with the song but sometimes simplicity is best.


Pretty typical…

BAE173(비에이이173) – Loved You(사랑했다)

Been there, done that. Also, another longish intro that doesn’t grab my attention really so no added points there.

D-CRUNCH(디크런치) – My Name

This is also in the same category as the baes above.

OnlyOneOf (온리원오브) – libidO


하웅 (Hawoong) – 내 맘이 막 (Dream In A Dream)

This is alright for an RnB song, I guess.

김재환 (KIM JAE HWAN) – 찾지 않을게 (I Wouldn’t Look For You) 

I’m not gonna lie…all these songs are starting to sound the same.

Moti(모티) – WHENEVER (feat. CAMO)

Well, this sounds different, if only because of the autotune.

정엽(JUNG YUP) – Waltz For You

If this had a bit more going on, I think I would’ve liked it but it just kinda bores me.


And eh, to this too.

Right, well, that’s it. See you nice week for more lackluster K-pop reviews. God, maybe I should stop?

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