Hi, so if you regularly come to my blog then you probably would have noticed at some point that I have a sidebar.

You know, this stuff.

Some of you may have had the keen eye to stumble across my sidebar girl, Sunmi, who is in charge of presenting to you my monthly random K-poppie content of the month.

Merry Christmas

Okay, let’s be realistic, I’m sure known of you really paid any attention to the sidebar hence why I made this post. I feel like I should highlight the content that’s been hiding behind Sunmi that no one dared click. So, let’s see what each month beheld because I sure as heck can’t remember either.


So, before I learned my lesson to save content from Twitter because people on there delete their tweets ALL THE TIME or their account gets deleted which is a bit annoying, I would unfortunately just save the link. The original post for this month was a tweet from an account that got deleted so instead, here’s this video that actually brightened up the shitty month I had.

The amount of disrespect for those poor albums is unreal.

I find the video funny both over the fans lamenting over BTS’s J-hope, Jungkook, and Jimin’s rough handlings of the unboxing and the boys clumsy mishandlings of the precious merch. The box is the real victim here, the way Jungkook slides it off the table and the thump that comes afterwards. Man, RIP, Mr. Box.


I had learned from my previous Twitter mistakes and actually saved this one.

You can’t even find the account anymore

Dreamcatcher came back this month so this was appropriate – enough said.


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Okay so I’m biased as this was written up by someone I admire for having some sense in the BTS blogosphere because let me tell ya, there ain’t many fans of BTS that write and still seem…I guess you could say, sane? It’s been a while but perusing the article again reminded me that this was in response to this guy and many others saying that BTS are political – when in reality they really aren’t. Just read it if you want, I recommend, of course.


Do I have to say anything at this point?


This isn’t related to K-pop but I guess not much was happening around the time I switched monthly content, so we got this instead. I hadn’t even done a COVID-related post up until now so it’s kind of a wonder. Hope you enjoy the poem. It’s better than most coronavirus songs that have come out this year.


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Of course, with BLM exploding across the world over anew with the death of George Floyd. it’d be a sin not to have this on the sidebar. The good people over there still update this semi-regularly it seems as it includes new info not just on the movement but other ones like the protests in Hong Kong, the crisis in Yemen, and the Free Palestine movement. Very admirable. Check it out if you have the time and mental energy.


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One of my favourite bloggers came back after a long hiatus and dropped this post before disappearing again. I hope she is well and doing the best she can in this convoluted year. It’s a year late but does it really matter? As you can see, it’s dedicated to Sulli who sadly took her life last October. Not much else to say here. May she finally rest in peace.


Click me to see your beautiful faves in a battle royal over objectification~

These are the two that won this year. Interestingly, both were 3rd place the previous year. Coincidence? But Ms. Irene with her current scandal, I wonder how that will change things as things are still quiet on her end. Only time will tell.

But I would encourage everyone to vote for their faves in Kpopalypse’s objectification surveys. It’s just really all in good fun so don’t get your panties in a twist that your fave didn’t get number 1. Unfortunately, this year’s has passed so you have to wait for summer (winter in southern hemisphere) for the survey to come out again.


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It’s just such an unfortunate name honestly. I feel like these new groups that are coming out have some of the cringiest or weirdest names. Then they have the ones that have this whole pseudo-deepness that K-pop companies are doing their darndest to shill out to you. Good example is Enhypen:

Okay, great. K-pop is taking itself way too seriously.


Click me, please!

I missed this one. Though, good for her for telling off that anti. It’s nice when idols actually don’t hesitate to talk back or shut down a hater. More of that energy is needed honestly.


The concept of Aespa interested me, so I put this as November’s random content. I watched this and was even more fascinated by what I envision is part of the future of K-pop. It is a very curious thing, but one to also be weary about. I think this along with that one Black Mirror episode inspired my BTS IA fanfiction which is written rather poorly but if you want to read bad fanfiction – there you go.



Lastly, we have what I thought was an obvious choice – BTS’s Grammy nomination which for better or worse is a game changer in K-pop since those old greedy farts at the Academy finally took notice of a K-pop act. It just took BTS to sing in English and look – didn’t even have to bother with a second all English song before the Grammys pounced. What a joke.

While I am happy for BTS to an extent, I can’t quite be that celebratory considering that the Grammys are a corrupt institution that is built upon everything being more of a popularity contest than the actual quality of the music, but isn’t it our mistake for thinking these kinda shows are supposed to be that way?

There’s also the little issue of ARMYs weaponizing every #1 or big award BTS receives to further their agenda that BTS are the supreme leaders of the K-pop world that should be bowed down to and cherished. If BTS wins that Grammy in January, then I guess we best be prepared for more insufferableness from ARMYs – if that’s even possible.

I haven’t been victimized by ARMYS, but I’m already crying on the inside

Well, that’s it for 2020. I hope to bring even better sidebar content next year – if I survive that long. This shit wears me out and I may just dip if BTS wins that Grammys, at least for a bit because I don’t think the K-pop side of the internet will be perusable for a while afterwards.

But seriously, I hope you all enjoy the sidebar content in the future or at least look at it. Thank you for your support this year and take care all of you.

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