Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope it was a good one despite the whole pandemic going on. I have come back with another K-pop Hunger Games for your sadistic pleasure and enjoyment. I hope that despite the length that you’ll still sit down, grab your popcorn and sweets and behold the wonderous carnage of the games. Very fitting for the season ?

This game is another YouTube one and perhaps my biggest yet. I managed to place every single member within each group instead of having members sit out like in previous games. The Sims is wonderful for that. However, it did cause things to stop and stutter a LOT and even made my game crash once, so I’m not sure I would do the games to this large of a scale again, or at least I may record it rather than livestream it on my Twitch (follow if you want @a_lost_idiot).

Speaking of the idols, since I did not really do a drawn out introduction to the districts like last video, I decided I would put the districts here. The YouTube video of the games will be below the final district. Please enjoy and accept it fondly! Take care and stay safe. Trick or Treat responsibly ?

Districts 1 & 2 : BTS

From top left to right: Jungkook (Bloodied Groom), RM (Patient Zero), J-hope (Darth Vader), Suga (he’s just in hanbok) . From bottom left to right: Jimin (Prisoner), V (Prince), Jin (the Banana J-hope threw at Jungkook)

District 3: TXT

All the boys are in Harry Potter uniforms (based on an actual picture)

District 4: ITZY

From left to right: Chaeryeong (a necromancer witch), Yeji (just a girl in a hanbok), Ryujin (just a “tough” girl), Yuna (Ursula), Lia (a witch)

District 5: EVERGLOW (New Tributes!)

From left to right: Yiren (a Witch), Mia (Evil Queen), Onda (Dead Bride), EU (Pirate), Sihyeon (1800s murdered lover), Aisha (Harley Quinn)

District 6: MONSTA X

From left to right: Kihyun (Slytherin), Shownu (Firefighter). IM (Pirate), Hyungwon (Tourist), Wonho (idk smth shirtless), Minhyuk (Butler), Jooheon (Mummy Bunny)

District 7: K-POP “Influencers” Gang

From left to right: Asian Junkie (as Siyeon), Cardoorguysgirl (as an RJ fan crossed as a female version of Jin), Kpopalypse (as Han Seo Hee), AustralianSana (as a Tata fan in pjs)

District 8: Red Velvet

From left to right: Yeri (Belle), Seulgi (Corpse Bride), Joy (Angel, duh), Wendy (Cinderella), Irene (Egyptian peasant sorta)

District 9: BLACKPINK

From left to right: Jennie (Princess), Jisoo (Snow White), Lisa (Jill Valentine), Rose (Cheerleader)


From left to right: Handong (Deer of nature), Sua (Twisted Alice), JiU (Audrey Hepburn), Yoohyeon (Zombie nurse), Gahyeon (Jasmine), Siyeon (Joker), Dami (Nun)

District 11: ONEUS

From left to right: Hwanwoong (sociopath), Leedo (Vampire), Keonhee (psychopath), Seoho (Chucky), Ravn (in traditional hanbok), Xion (Snow White)

District 12: The CEOs

From left to right; Lee Sooman, Bang, YG, and JYP just chilling in the grass.

The YouTube Video in Question (Enjoy!)

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