Hey, I made another YouTube video (my third one! Excitement!), so I wanted to share on my blog. I think I will be making this a common practice since I want those who just visit my blog to know that I have a YouTube channel, too. As of the time of writing, I have a WHOOPING 2 subscribers! Cheers to you, guys. That really fills my validity as a human being on this godforsaken planet.

Anyways, the video this time is a game by the title, Escape the Idol Dungeon, by that Australian self-proclaimed cunt, Kpopalypse. If you haven’t checked out his blog then I would recommend it highly unless you are easily triggered or just can’t stand a rather cunty attitude found within his writing. Or you may have heard of him already and didn’t find him favorable. Understandable. Regardless, I still liked this game and so I played it on my Twitch originally and uploaded it to YouTube to share my awkwardness. It’s a pretty chill gameplay so if you’re more into laidback, calmer gamers then I’m your gal.

Well, here is the video. If you actually want to find out what the game is about then please watch…or just look it up – I wouldn’t blame you. Please enjoy if you do watch it.

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