Dreamcatcher’s BAAAACCK

Hello again, welcome to my review for Dreamcatcher’s 1st full album! Congrats to the girls, for making it this far especially considering the members had to redebut with a different concept to reach the level of popularity and fame that they are currently at.

I won’t stall to long with heading into this review. But just in case you skipped my BTS review, I wanted to reiterate that because I have zero technical experience with music, these reviews are just going to be my thoughts and feelings of these songs. Nothing more, nothing less. I will add some of my favorite lyrics to each song because that’s just who I am, I really like delving into the lyrics since it helps me learn Korean among other things. The lyrics can be accessed by clicking the title of each song.

Also, I will provide a rating at the end of each song, but not on the usual 1-10 scale or whatever. I want to rate them in a more unconventional way. If you don’t understand it, then that’s okay–none of this is supposed to be taken seriously. I even mentioned in my BTS review that I’ll probably categorized this under “crack posts” as well.

Without further ado, my thoughts on Dreamcatcher’s “Dystopia: Tree of Language.”


As always, I find Dreamcatcher’s Intro pleasing to my ears. Notably, I really tried to listen to the instrumentals but I still suck with picking out instruments, so bare with me. I like the beginning with the sorta drawn out guitar (bass?) sound that flows into what sounds like people’s voices that sound like their laughing and having a cheery old time. But as usual with this group, the intro becomes more haunting.

Honestly, I can’t help but like it. I’m always a sucker for a piano and it is introduced towards the end of the song and closes us out in the midst of rising whispers–the voices have returned but die down as the song does.

Rating: Even without vocals, a real wonder of sounds.


So, a few days ago, I was stuck with my dad as he was waiting for his van to be fixed at this auto repair shop. I was in my car waiting for him for a while so I entertained myself by first playing BT21 Superstar, a game I’ve REALLY gotten into originally as a form of escapism but now I thoroughly enjoy it. But after I got tired of that, I ended up practicing singing this song over and over. Though I can’t carry a note to save my life, I did my best.

So yes, this song is up there on my lists of songs to cover one day when I finally start that YouTube channel of mine…actually, that’ll probably never happen. My face is too ugly and my voice carries the same energy as the trash festering away in the corner of a college student’s room who has never heard of a trashcan.

But please, enjoy the precious tones of these 7 women instead. In all honesty, when I first heard it, I was hoping for a more rocking song that went hard like their earlier title tracks, but this really grew on me and now I’m really resonating with that “Devil eyes, come, nuneul deunda” line because my blacken heart relates to that.

Tricks behind the mask, ridiculous freaks
The growing hatred gives birth to random targets
I swallow up the burning thirst but hypocrisy says it’s my fault
The end is sitting at the edge of a cliff
It’ll be a choice that only remains regret

가면 뒤의 Trick 가소로운 Freak
커진 증오가 낳은 무작위 속의 Target
타오른 갈증 삼켜도 위선은 다 내 탓이라 해
내몰린 끝은 절벽 위에
후회만 남을 선택이 돼

Lyrics that I choose for this song is Gahyeon and Dami’s verse that are feelings that I relate too. Say what you will about their rapping, but I just like the general message of this particular verse as the mention of growing hatred giving birth to random targets makes me think of people who have such built up anger because maybe life isn’t heading the way they want or personal issues like family, friends, health, etc. cause them to be so bitter of the world that they lash out at those around them usually towards those that are more successful than them. Aka a multitude of netizens.

The lyrics aren’t that deep but I just thought of that. I could go on but I’m not about to launch into a whole tirade on analysing these lyrics so onto the next song.

Rating: Making my black heart beat again one pulse at a time.


This song starts off with clashing cymbals and a guitar riff that I could ride for days but it slows down once the vocals start. Which is not a bad thing at all. Instead, I found myself singing along, or really, mouthing the words to this song until it hit the chorus where I sat there and just appreciated the pick up of the clashing cymbals and guitar again.

Tension is in my good books, but I have to admit that it can be overshadowed by the other songs on this album. For me, at least. Which is a shame because as I’m listening to it over and over for this review, my appreciation for it is renewed. While I’m sure a lot of people would like to hear the song continuously go hard as heard in the chorus, I’m glad there are soft almost reflective breaks in this song.

For everything to turn out as you wish

Trust me oh trust me

Don’t stop, bet everything

Needless worries only torment you

Tension will disappear

Abandon thought

Bewitch yourself

전부 생각대로 이뤄져라

Trust me oh trust me

멈추지 마 모든 걸 다 걸고서

괜한 걱정은 널 괴롭힐 뿐

사라져 버릴 Tension

생각 따윈 버리고

네게 주문을 걸어

Tension is a song that describes the hesitations and fears one experiences when pursuing your dreams, or just something that you have wanted all this time but doubts and your own limitations set you behind. The girls reassure you that everything will be okay and not to overthink things and boy, oh boy, do I overthink a LOT. Anyways, good song, good message. Listen and enjoy, my friends.

Rating: Lurking in the shadows of my mind, but not forgotten.

Red Sun

Right, this is another song that is on my “songs to cover” list. Technically I’ve already sang it though I really butchered Dami’s part. I cannot for the life of me do her raps, but I will take up the challenge! I will not be dissuaded though I will admit her rap in the song is a bit…cringy? Only because it has that trap-like breakdown that I can’t always get behind. Plus, I’m a bit salty I can’t make those “pruuu pruuum” sounds or whatever they are.

But I would also love to learn the dance to this song. Apparently, SuA choreographed this song which makes me pride to hear and I totally believe that after seeing them perform this on music shows.

When I write these reviews, I listen to the song as I type and I’m getting too caught up in just mouthing, “Red sun, Red sun” to myself. I needa focus. But yeah, I’m having fun with this song. Since I will be stuck in my house due to the pandemic we are currently facing, may as well learn the dance to this song, for our dear, SuA, the gayest Dreamcatcher member, a woman I can get behind.

As the corrupt mind expands
The maze keeps morphing
Once the cold mist surrounds you
You won’t remember

타락한 그 맘이 커질수록

자꾸만 바뀌는 미로

차가운 안개가 널 감싸면

기억하지 못할 거야

Ah, the lyrics reminded me of the nightmare theme the girls had before this new era emerged. Still a good era we’re in now, but those were good times.

Rating: Came for the girls, stayed for the girls and that choreography~

Black or White

I know I keep mentioning the guitar in these songs, but my god, I really love how it begins this song. Look, I come from a j-rock/j-pop background and I miss hearing this heavy guitar, bass sounds along with clashes and clangs from the cymbals with a consistent backing melody that slaps. And so far in K-pop, the closest group that has provided me that sound that isn’t a band, is Dreamcatcher.

There isn’t a right answer
Stop trying to make me fit you
Stop trying to change me oh oh

정답은 없어

네게 맞추려 하지마

날 바꾸려고 하지마 Oh oh

Sounds like an abusive relationship. Is that too far to say? I just feel as if this set and the rest of the lyrics are detailing a controlling relationship and the protagonist responding with that they’ll be however they want to be, neither black or white but both.

Again, not that deep but me just making it more than it looks probably.

Rating: There’s no “correct” rating for this song as there is no “correct” answer found in the song.

Jazz Bar

This song…

This song right here is my baby. Or I wish it was.

Weird, right? This is perhaps the chillest song in the album and is more laidback without the heavy guitar rifts and metal sound that is characteristic of Dreamcatcher. But I don’t care. They really were going for that stuck in a bar or pub so may as well sit back and listen to that good music vibe in this song and accomplished it well in my humble opinion.

I’m not kidding when I say that I was laying in bed and just listening to this song on repeat because I was having one of those darker nights were my thoughts slowly slowly devolve into negativity and the brutality that only one who experiences that nonsensical amount of self-hatred that I give myself can understand. This song calmed me down a bit, if not give me a good crying song to listen to as my tears decided whether or not to fall.

But it’s definitely another song I’d love to cover and WELL too but alas, it’s impossible. Oh, right, what about the lyrics? It’s a pretty classic love song–enough said. The song doesn’t have to have a deeper meaning than that for you to connect with it, as this song does for me.

If you are now going to approach me
Don’t hesitate and come
Let’s skip awkward greetings
Like old lovers

혹시 지금 그대 내게 다가올 거라면

망설이지 말고 와 줘

어색한 인사는 우리 하지 않기로 해요

오래된 연인처럼

Rating: Brought me to tears.


So watching the video above is certainly an experience. Even better if you understand the lyrics. For example, at the part Dami is rubbing those sticks next to those fire hydrants, we have the line “Start a fire and charge on,” rapped by her. If you don’t see the irony in that, then you ma’am or sir, are slower than me.

Anyways, SA. HA. RA. RA. RA. RA. is stuck in my poor little head as this song plays and I guess that’s a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the song quite a lot and I honestly the overall sound of the song is again something I rock with, so no complaints there. And I honestly, don’t know what else to say besides watch the video and bask in the ridiculousness of it all.

With the wind trying to teach me
and what you will gain by toppling me
All of that hold back (Hold back)
It’s plainly visible, yet, why do you close your eyes like that

가르치려 하는 바람과

날 무너뜨려 얻는 것을 말해 봐

그 모든 것은 Hold back (Hold back)

뻔히 보이는데도 왜 그렇게 눈을 감아

Rating: Too ridiculous to handle. Still processing.

In The Frozen

Admittedly, this is one of their songs that I like but I’m not rocking out to it as much as their other songs that I have already covered. I think it’s from here that they start to wind down a bit and the album takes a more quieter tone. There are still parts to this song, specifically when the chorus comes in when it starts to kick it in gear again but then it levels and declines again.

Actually, listening to it again, after the beginning the way the song continues to progress is actually not as quiet as I initially believe it to be, but for whatever reason I feel like it doesn’t go hard enough.

I would probably play this song when I need a chiller, but not too chill, song in the background. But I really can’t help but think of Frozen, the Disney movie, when I hear this song and see the title. Was that what they were going for?

It can’t move, it stays in its place
But still perseveres, a ray of light
When it descends, so that a few will begin
Blossoming next to you, even though you hurt me, save yourself

Ya 움직이지 못해 제자리에만 Uh uh

그래도 견뎌내 한 줄기의 빛

내려올 때쯤엔 니 곁에 하나 둘

피어나게끔 너로 인해 아파도 Save yourself

Rating: In a land of isolation, I stand frozen under their spell.


I will also admit that Daybreak takes a backseat compared to the other songs on this album. I still like the song but we all know who the favorite child is in this collection.

But if you’re a really avid hardcore fan of their harder metal pieces, this song ain’t for you, son. I would stick with the first few songs of this album or the very last song that I will review here.

I will say that there lyrics are quite sweet. Like yeah, I know, some may say there are cheesy but I just feel like looking through the lyrics it would be, if it was a boy group. Not sure why. Perhaps listening to BTS’s songs and hearing some of that cheesiness turned me off enough to take none of that with the boys of K-pop right now. But Dreamcatcher’s “Daybreak” has just the right touch of sentimentality in their lyrics and soft sweetness in their voices to be more endearing than cheesy.

And in the sleepless night
I’ll be in your embrace endlessly
To you at daybreak
More passionately than during the day

잠들지 못한 밤에

하염없이 안길래

새벽의 너에게

낮보다 더 뜨겁게

Rating: The feeling of calmness that comes over you before day breaks in the embrace of a loved one.

Full Moon

This song was an interesting choice because this isn’t a new song. This song came out as a single back in 2018. It actually was to commemorate their one year anniversary as Dreamcatcher. So perhaps that is why this made it onto this particular album.

Either way, this song still great and is an pretty good example of their older sound that some Insomnias (Dreamcatcher’s fans), are complaining about missing whenever Dreamcatcher release something soft like Scream or Deja Vu. For me, I don’t mind so much as their musical quality and sound doesn’t always have to be perfect. Honestly, enough of the songs they give us on this album are really stellar enough for me to forgive them when they get soft. Plus, I don’t really care that much, if it sounds good to me, then I like it.

I will say thought that you should check out the video above. Handong, who is currently participating in a competition show in China, is in it. Due to being in China all this time, she didn’t participate in the production and promotions of this album. Kinda sucks but it is what it is. So if you want to see them as 7 look above.

Again, the lyrics can be cheese if you are not the romantic gushy sort but I find them fine once again. Perhaps it’s the tone they sing it in, or maybe I just like these girls better than most of your oppars who think the can woo a girl with those sick rhymes of theirs. I don’t know, but who really cares if it sounds good?

I will remember you
I will meet you again
I will draw you in my dreams every day
You and I, under the blue night sky
I promised love
I will give you moonlight in this night sky
I want to fill this whole world with this light
Full moon

꼭 기억할게 널

다시 만날 수 있게 널

매일 꿈에서 그려 널

파랗게 물든 밤하늘에 너와 나

약속해 Love

나 언제까지나

밤하늘 달빛이 돼 줄게

이 세상 모든 빛을 가득 채운

Full moon

But when I watch their choreography again, my butt and knees weep since I have tried it and oh boy…

Who the hell says girl group dances are easier than boy groups, I’d like to have a talk.

Rating: Enjoying the song as my butt weeps and my boomer knees cry murder.


Honestly, Dreamcatcher’s intros and outros always awaken my overactive imagination and I just imagine a storyline that I’m traipsing through in my head as the music flows in my ears.

Listening to this, led me to open my eyes in a forest at night with the wildlife abuzz around me. The only light is from the moon and the many fireflies and other mysterious creatures, some resembling lanterns, living in the forest. As the song continues to progress and picks up tempo, it feels like I’m starting to be chased until it just ends slowly with me waking up from whatever nightmare that was.

And what a good nightmare it was.

Rating: Wanting a nightmare every night if this is the soundtrack of my dreams.

Scream (Inst.)

Honestly, not sure what to say here that I haven’t already said above about this song. You just really hear the song better without their vocals, of course, but that doesn’t mean the song is any less diminished in how good it is. Hell, one might say the song sounds better without the vocals so you can really relish in those instrumentals…and the occasional scream.

Yup, this will make a good backing track for my soon to be, non-existent cover song. Look forward to it.

Rating: Vocal-less and it still triumphs.


Siyeon is honestly carrying the vocals of this group. My goodness. And I don’t mind that as a personal opinion because I like all of the vocals. What I mean is that this girl has really been putting her vocals out there releasing cover songs, participating in competition shows, and her hard work as paid off. I know her putting herself out there is supposed to bring more attention to the group as a whole, but I also believe a lot of people can’t deny that Siyeon’s singing is brilliant. And a lot of them seem to be attracted to her voice as well.

As for the song itself, I like it a lot. It is a bit different from the usual Dreamcatcher sound, but in this case, different is good. Very good and I do also like how she sings here as well.

Lyrics are are as followed:

There are so many colors
Like a mixture of paint
Unknown repeating days
With people who try to change you
I see how
You’re getting dull in there

너무도 많은 색들이

뒤섞여 버린 물감처럼

알 수 없어져 반복되는 하루

널 바꾸려 하는 사람들과

그 안에서 무뎌져 가는

너를 본다면

Another song mentioning changing yourself due to the influence of others. I relate as a lot of others can. Especially idols considering all idols have to uphold some sort of image of themselves even if it isn’t 100% who they are. Getting deep again, huh? I should stop.

Rating: Let Siyeon’s voice lead to a better tomorrow in these trying times.

Bonus: Endless Night

Hey! Bonus song time~

This is Dreamcatcher’s recent Japanese release. I put it in because I honestly didn’t mind reviewing another Dreamcatcher song and I also thought, why not?

When I first heard this song, I have to admit, I was startled with how it started because this song definitely has a more heavier metal sound than any of the songs on their latest album. I was like: Where was this in their Korean release? Weirdly enough, when the Japanese also kind of threw me off. I should be used to Korean pop acts transitioning into singing Japanese but I had to adjust a bit. My brain got used to it, but that was a bit weird for me given my background.

Moving on, I approve of this song. I just wish this sound was found a bit more on their latest album but if we get it in a Japanese release than at lest that is something.

And hey, I’m learning Japanese too so I will include the Japanese lyrics as well with this song because damn…I miss the days when I was just a japanophile and I was a simple, naive, non-cynical child. Then all that changed when K-pop assaulted me.

I won’t make it
Even if I blame on myself
Nothing’s gonna change
I have to realize for beginning something new
That’s a one-time race
But it’s simply a game
Failure is success’s base
Let’s move forward friends

一回きりの Race
されどもただの Game
失敗も成功の Base
共に進もうか Friends

Rating: More rocking than your old granny in a rocking chair when she’s a little too much prune juice.

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